Cleaning device for niobium tube cleaning

Firmetal, 2021-3-2 09:37:00 PM

In niobium tube cleaning cleaning device, including cleaning, cleaning warehouse described both sides at the bottom of the support plate is fixed connection, cleaning at the bottom of the silo described in fixed connection between the two support plate has a number of drive motor……

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Forging method of large size tantalum target

Firmetal, 2021-3-1 09:35:00 PM

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is one of the most critical processes in the production of semiconductor chips. Its purpose is to deposit metal or metal compounds on silicon wafers or other substrates in the form of thin films, and then through the coordination of lithography and etching, the complex wiring structure of semiconductor chips is finally formed.

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NbTi alloy composite superconductor

Firmetal, 2021-2-26 09:45:00 PM

The superconducting material must be clad, or embedded, in ordinary good conductors to provide a low-resistance bypass when certain line segments suddenly turn to normal. The wrapping is also important in preventing the magnetic field lines from jumping forward.

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Nondestructive testing of zirconium tube defects

Firmetal, 2021-2-25 09:35:00 PM

Through the analysis of nondestructive testing of zirconium tube defects, the defects of ultrasonic dimension measurement mainly include the excessive ellipticity of the tube end, the sudden decrease or increase of the outer diameter of the end, and the sudden change of the middle size.

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Preparation of titanium alloy grain refinement technology

Firmetal, 2021-2-24 09:38:00 PM

In the process of metal additive manufacturing, due to the rapid melting and solidification of the material, large temperature gradient and cooling rate are generated in the molten pool……

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Molybdenum-niobium alloy target plate

Firmetal, 2021-2-22 09:40:00 PM

Sputtering is the use of ion source generated ions, in the vacuum to accelerate the accumulation of high-speed ion current bombarding solid surface, so that the atoms on the solid surface leave the target material and deposit on the substrate surface, thus forming nano (or micron) film, the solid body bombarded is called the sputtering target material.

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Application of tantalum and tantalum tungsten alloys

Firmetal, 2021-2-9 09:37:00 PM

High temperature application: the mechanical properties of pure tantalum at high temperature are not very outstanding, generally need to form alloys with other elements. As the matrix of thermal-strength alloy, tantalum can be added with some elements to improve its high temperature strength, but the content of the added elements must be controlled.

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Study on seamless niobium tube technology

Firmetal, 2021-2-8 09:49:00 PM

Niobium is the best metal for making superconducting accelerator resonators. Rf superconducting with RRR traditional method (residual resistivity) niobium tube cold forging or welding processing production, but there are many shortcomings, therefore a new technology of seamless niobium tube is developed……

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Tantalum Niobium Processing

Firmetal, 2021-2-5 09:45:00 PM

The main products include tantalum niobium powder capacitor, metallurgy, tantalum, tantalum carbide and its alloy ingot, tantalum and its alloy material tantalum plate, tantalum belt, tantalum tube, tantalum rod, tantalum wire, tantalum target material……

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Titanium Tube

Firmetal, 2021-2-3 09:42:00 PM

Titanium tubes have plasticity. The elongation of high purity titanium tube can reach 50 ~ 60%, and the section shrinkage can reach 70 ~ 80%.

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Titanium alloy for submersible ballast tanks

Firmetal, 2021-2-2 09:31:00 PM

There are biological and mineral resources in the deep sea. The deep-sea submersible is the main vehicle for deep-sea scientific research and resource development, and the "ballast cabin" is its core component, which is the safety barrier for human beings to enter the deep sea.

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Titanium and tantalum implants

Firmetal, 2021-2-1 09:49:00 PM

Titanium and its alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) have good biocompatibility and can be used in hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, ankle joint replacement, etc. In the long-term application of traditional Ti-6Al-4V implant materials.

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Special properties of nickel-titanium alloys

Firmetal, 2021-1-29 10:25:00 PM

Shape memory characteristics: shape memory refers to that when martensite is formed after the parent phase of a certain shape is cooled from above AF temperature to below MF temperature……

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Introduction and clinical application of nickel-titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2021-1-28 09:41:00 PM

Nickel titanium alloy is a binary alloy composed of nickel ions and titanium ions. Due to the change of temperature and mechanical pressure, there are two different crystal structure phases, namely Austenite phase (Austenite phase) and Martensite phase (Martensite phase).

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Lanthanum metal

Firmetal, 2021-1-27 09:18:00 PM

Lanthanum is a chemical element, its chemical symbol is La, and its atomic number is 57. It belongs to the lanthanum family. It is the most active metal among the rare earth metals and is easily oxidized in the air.

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The application of rhenium

Firmetal, 2021-1-26 09:53:00 PM

Is pure rhenium metal after high temperature and high pressure processing has a certain shape of small columnar particles, appearance is silver, can also be square block. The purity and densification of chemical components of rhenium grains used as superalloying elements are the main reference indexes to evaluate the quality of rhenium grains.

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Zirconium tungsten electrodes

Firmetal, 2021-1-25 09:32:00 PM

Zirconium-tungsten electrode is a kind of electrode developed to improve the defect that pure tungsten electrode is easy to melt and pollute the workpiece under the condition of high load welding.

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Niobium-titanium superconducting alloy superconducting

Firmetal, 2021-1-22 09:24:00 PM

The influence of different post-rolling cooling processes on the yield strength ratio and low temperature toughness of low carbon Nb-Ti microalloyed pipeline steel.

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Application of titanium rods in medical treatment

Firmetal, 2021-1-21 09:35:00 PM

With the development of titanium industry, more and more applications of titanium products have been found in more and more fields. And titanium rod is one of the best. Titanium rod manufacturer.

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High zirconium niobium alloy

Firmetal, 2021-1-20 09:46:00 PM

Niobium zirconium alloy not only maintains the low temperature plasticity of niobium, but also has higher mechanical properties than pure niobium.

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Rhenium tungsten alloy

Firmetal, 2021-1-19 09:30:00 PM

Tungsten-rhenium alloy is a solid solution reinforced alloy consisting of tungsten and rhenium.The commonly used rhenium contents (mass fraction, %) in alloys are 3,5,10,25 and 26. It can be divided into low content W-Re alloy (Re≤5%) and high content W-Re alloy (Re≥15%).

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The function and benefit of tantalum bar

Firmetal, 2021-1-18 09:28:00 PM

Role: For early osteonecrosis, preserving the femoral head is the preferred goal of BAI; But there is no consensus on how to get there. The results of simple core decompression are uncertain due to the lack of structural support.

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Transition chain structure of tantalum wire and spring

Firmetal, 2021-1-15 09:38:00 PM

In CVD process, tantalum wire is used as heating wire. In the process of tantalum wire carbonization and diamond growth, in order to ensure uniform temperature field and good contact with electrode, it must always be kept in a straight state.

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The main uses of platinum-iridium alloys

Firmetal, 2021-1-12 09:32:00 PM

Platinum-iridium alloys are widely used in modern industry and technology. Medium temperature thermocouple material, thick film resistors, precision instrument hairspring, standard resistance and Jordan farmar, dental materials and needle (1) meter material:

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Titanium alloy blade

Firmetal, 2021-1-11 09:45:00 PM

Aviation has always been the key to large domestic aircraft, and now China has made a major breakthrough in this field. The Titanium-Aluminum alloy engine blade developed by the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has passed the examination and achieved ideal results.

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Tantalum tube related information

Firmetal, 2021-1-7 09:39:00 PM

Tantalum cannot be processed in the ordinary way of processing ordinary metals. The general initial process is forging processing heat treatment, with two ways of hammering and stamping into flat slab or circular medium and small blank.

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Vanadium ore

Firmetal, 2021-1-7 09:22:00 PM

A metal of high melting point, grayish in color. The melting point is 1890±10℃, among which the 5-valent state is the most stable, followed by the 4-valent state. The ionization energy is 6.74 electron volts. Ductile, hard, non-magnetic.

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Niobium tube Introduction

Firmetal, 2021-1-6 09:37:00 PM

The metal niobium can be prepared by electrolytic melting of potassium sevoflurate, or by reducing potassium sevoflurate by sodium metal or niobium pentoxide by reducing aluminum metal. Pure niobium is used in vacuum tube to remove residual gas.

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Application status of cryogenic titanium alloy materials

Firmetal, 2020-12-24 09:41:00 PM

With the further development of space industry and the continuous exploration of deep space, the performance requirements of cryogenic materials for spacecraft structures are further improved.

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Main uses of platinum

Firmetal, 2020-12-23 09:33:00 PM

Platinum-iridium alloys are widely used in modern industry and technology. Medium temperature thermocouple material, thick film resistors, precision instrument hairspring, standard resistance and Jordan farmar, dental materials and needle (1) meter material:

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Prospects and applications of zirconium

Firmetal, 2020-12-22 10:05:00 PM

Zirconium is an important material in nuclear industry because of its low neutron absorption cross section, excellent corrosion resistance and machining properties. Most of the atomic zirconium produced in the major zirconium producing countries is used in atomic reactors.

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Titanium-tantalum alloy to improve 3D printed implants

Firmetal, 2020-12-21 09:39:00 PM

So far, researchers have used the selective laser melt (SLM) technique and titanium-aluminum powder to 3D-print biological prototypes. SLM technology usually uses high-power lasers to build 3D objects layer by layer based on computer design models.

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What are the characteristics of niobium, vanadium and titanium microalloyed elements

Firmetal, 2020-12-18 09:59:00 PM

Niobium, Vanadium, Vanadium and Erbium, Hafnium, T antalum and Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten and other elements are difficult of molten metal, belongs to Ⅳ B of the periodic table, VB and Ⅵ B, have the ability to form nitrides and carbides.

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Corrosion and hydrogen absorption behavior of zirconium alloys

Firmetal, 2020-12-17 09:26:00 PM

Cobalt alloy is an important structural material used as nuclear fuel cladding in water-cooled nuclear power reactors. Corrosion and hydrogen absorption are two important problems encountered in its application, which are related to the life of nuclear fuel components and the safety and reliability of reactor operation.

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Fabrication and application of Niobium titanium superconductor

Firmetal, 2020-12-16 09:59:00 PM

Polyfilament bodies made of NbTi/Cu composites are not only the main working materials of superconducting magnetic technology at present, but also in the future. Since NbTi is available for only 10T magnetic fields, another energy-based superconductor, Nb3Sn, can be used for higher magnetic fields.

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Titanium and titanium alloy implants

Firmetal, 2020-12-15 09:33:00 PM

At present, implantable denture has been developed as the preferred treatment for dentition defects and missing dentition. Compared with traditional prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics has better retention, no harm to the adjacent teeth, and can better restore the chewing, aesthetic and pronunciation problems of patients.

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Tungsten Rhenium thermocouple wire

Firmetal, 2020-12-14 09:31:00 PM

Tungsten baht thermocouple is the most successful refractory metal thermocouple and the best industrial thermocouple that can be measured above 1800℃. With the development of high and new technology, the application of tungsten fetter thermocouple will be more and more extensive.

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Tantalum materials in the field of biological applications

Firmetal, 2020-12-11 09:30:00 PM

Tantalum can be made into tantalum chips of various shapes and sizes, which can be implanted according to the needs of various parts of the human body, such as repairing and sealing the cracks and defects of broken cranium and limb fractures of the human body.

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Niobium alloy C-103, Nb-752 cases of external tungsten automatic argon arc welding

Firmetal, 2020-12-10 09:27:00 PM

In recent years, refractory metals have been widely used in aerospace engineering, and they play an important role in the manufacture of liquid and solid rocket engine thrust chambers and nozzle extensions.

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Tungsten-rhenium thermocouple

Firmetal, 2020-12-9 09:35:00 PM

Thermocouple is one of the most commonly used temperature detecting elements in industry. Its advantages are as follows: (1) High measurement accuracy: because the thermocouple is in direct contact with the measured object, it is not affected by the medium.

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Production processes for zirconium and hafnium

Firmetal, 2020-12-8 09:37:00 PM

Zirconium and hafnium have no separate minerals and their associated proportion is about 1:50. The main raw material for the production of hafnium sponge zirconium (hafnium) is mis-English sand, namely zirconium orthosilicate (ZxSiO), which usually contains ZrO.

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Titanium alloy vacuum cup

Firmetal, 2020-12-7 09:35:00 PM

Since all the time, "titanium metal" as if is a kind of "artifact" like existence, as long as take "titanium metal" three words, often can sell on the price several times higher than similar products, even a titanium alloy thermos cup at every turn thousands of yuan.

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Tantalum niobium metal processing

Firmetal, 2020-12-4 09:38:00 PM

Therefore, the current application of tantalum-niobium new materials related high-tech industries include electronics, precision ceramics and precision glass industry; Keywords Electroacoustic and optical devices; hard alloy, aerospace and electronic energy industry; Keywords Biomedical engineering; Superconducting industry; Special steel and other industries.

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A new titanium niobium graft

Firmetal, 2020-12-3 09:29:00 PM

Titanium is one of the most common materials for bone grafting, but it has serious defects. Its elasticity, hardness and other physical and mechanical parameters greatly exceed those of bone tissue.

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Common high temperature resistant metal materials

Firmetal, 2020-12-1 09:35:00 PM

Tantalum: Corrosion resistant champion; Melting point: 3017°C; Boiling point: 5505°C. Tantalum has extremely high corrosion resistance. Under both cold and hot conditions, hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric acid and "aqua regia" do not react.

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An important member of precious metals

Firmetal, 2020-11-30 09:32:00 PM

Iridium is a rare precious metal, but it is expensive, not delicate. Iridium has a density of 22.65g/cm3, the highest of any known element. Iridium has a high melting point (2454℃), so iridium products can be used at high temperatures (the temperature range is 21-2200℃), but their low temperature plasticity is poor.

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Introduction to molybdenum-rhenium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-27 09:47:00 PM

The refractory metal molybdenum not only has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, but also has low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness and good high-temperature strength, so it is widely used in electronic industry, aerospace industry, energy industry and other fields.

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Methods of dissolving titanium and zirconium metals

Firmetal, 2020-11-26 09:45:00 PM

The invention belongs to a method for dissolving titanium and zirconium metals in titanium group metals in inorganic chemistry.

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Niobium target material

Firmetal, 2020-11-25 09:43:00 PM

Purpose: Niobium and Niobium alloy target materials are mainly used in surface engineering materials, such as ship, chemical industry, liquid crystal display (LCD) and coating industry, such as heat and corrosion resistance, high conductivity coating industry, thin film solar energy industry, low radiation glass industry, flat panel display industry, optical coating industry, tools and decorative coating industry.

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Submersible titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-24 09:39:00 PM

It is very difficult to process titanium alloys. Due to the relatively active nature of the metal, argon must be used as protective gas to cover the welding spot or vacuum electronic welding must be used to ensure the reliability of welding.

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Advantages and disadvantages of tungsten-rhenium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-23 09:48:00 PM

Rhenium is expensive, and the alloys containing rhenium are mostly used in applications, among which tungsten rhenium and molybdenum rhenium are the most widely used.

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Niobium reinforced single crystal superalloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-20 09:33:00 PM

Superalloys are key materials in the manufacture of aviation, aerospace, ship engines and gas turbines for thermal power plants. Taking aero-engine as an example, it is the key to improve and improve the performance level of the engine to improve the air inlet temperature, increase the thrust-to-weight ratio, reduce the engine weight, and improve the safety and durability of the engine.

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Titanium gold, titanium alloy, pure titanium

Firmetal, 2020-11-19 09:41:00 PM

For those of you who are familiar with titanium, there are many different words about titanium, such as titanium gold, titanium alloy, pure titanium... What is the difference between the three? What do they represent?

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Tungsten rhenium wire

Firmetal, 2020-11-18 09:38:00 PM

Once recrystallized at high temperatures, tungsten becomes brittle and easily breaks under impact or vibration. In order to prevent the fracture of filament, rhenium is often added into the doped tungsten filament, which is called tungsten rhenium wire, and 1% ~ 5% rhenium is contained in the alloy (mass).

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Heat treatment method for directionally solidified niobium-based alloys

Firmetal, 2020-11-17 09:51:00 PM

The heat treatment method of the directionally solidified niobium-based alloy includes the following steps: 1) Place the directionally solidified niobium-based alloy in an inert gas environment and heat it to 1750 ~ 1850℃ for 5 ~ 20 hours;

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Tantalum-niobium smelting waste gas treatment method

Firmetal, 2020-11-16 09:42:00 PM

The treatment method of tantalum-niobium smelting waste gas is as follows: the waste gas is discharged, condensed and absorbed, and then imported into the vertical sprinkler of the first-stage spraying equipment.

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Properties and USES of tantalum

Firmetal, 2020-11-13 09:41:00 PM

The oxide film on the tantalum surface is damaged, so it can react with a variety of substances. Tantalum can react with fluorine at room temperature. Tantalum is inert to chlorine, bromine and iodine at 150 ° C, and at 250 ° C, tantalum is still corrosion-resistant to dry chlorine gas.

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Platinum crucible introduction

Firmetal, 2020-11-12 09:55:00 PM

There are two kinds of platinum crucible processing in China: 1. Die stamping forming; 2. Spin forming. Die stamping and forming. Advantages: Small processing difficulty, high processing efficiency;

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Production method of niobium alloy smoke-pulling nozzle

Firmetal, 2020-11-11 09:35:00 PM

When countries around the world hold celebrations, military parades or aviation exhibitions, often have to perform aircraft smoke performance.

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Die - free rolling technology of titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-10 09:37:00 PM

The mold-free rolling technology has the characteristic advantage in the double performance turbine disk forming for engine, and it is widely used in the processing and forming of large complex disk parts such as superalloy, titanium alloy, light alloy and steel.

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Corrosion resistance of zirconium in acetic acid

Firmetal, 2020-11-9 10:50:00 PM

The difference between titanium and stainless steel is that there is no over-passivation in haloacetic acid with strong oxidation, and pitting and SCC will not occur. It has excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature acetic acid containing various concentrations of Cl-, Br- and formic acid, etc.

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Brazing of niobium tantalum and stainless steel

Firmetal, 2020-11-6 10:05:00 PM

1. Determination of welding temperature: The pure niobium recrystallization temperature is between 980~1090℃, and the recrystallization temperature is about 1200℃. The welding temperature of niobium, tantalum and stainless steel should be controlled under the corresponding recrystallization temperature;

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Plasma sintering of titanium niobium tantalum zirconium biomedical titanium alloy was prepared

Firmetal, 2020-11-5 09:29:00 PM

The preparation of titanium niobium tantalum zirconium biomedical titanium alloys mainly adopts vacuum smelting method, due to the alloy by adding Nb, Ta, Zr refractory metal elements, its melting point, density is greater than the Ti element……

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Preparation method of molybdenum-niobium alloy plate

Firmetal, 2020-11-4 09:26:00 PM

Molybdenum-niobium alloy material has been widely used as an important target material for wiring in IXD(Liquid Crystal Display) production due to its excellent electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance and low coating stress.

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Superconducting of niobium titanium alloy at ultra high pressure

Firmetal, 2020-11-3 09:32:00 PM

Niobium titanium alloy superconductor has been widely used among thousands of known superconductors due to its excellent comprehensive properties. It is a key material in the superconducting magnets for medical nuclear magnetic resonance and large scientific devices.

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Characteristics of titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-11-2 09:35:00 PM

The density of titanium alloy is generally around 4.51g/cm3, which is only 60% of steel. The strength of pure titanium is close to that of ordinary steel. Some high-strength titanium alloys exceed the strength of many alloy structural steels.

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Sputtering tantalum ring inner and outer surfaces

Firmetal, 2020-10-30 09:42:00 PM

The invention relates to a continuous mechanical knurling process for the inner and outer surfaces of sputtering tantalum rings, the process of which is as follows:

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Molybdenum-rhenium alloy -- a new medical implant

Firmetal, 2020-10-28 09:45:00 PM

Molybdenum-rhenium alloys commonly encountered by people working in the field of refractory metals are mainly used in infrared halogen lamp filaments, heating elements in chemical vapor deposition furnaces, thermocouple jackets, heat shields, spacecraft thrusters and other components operating at extremely high temperatures.

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Mechanical properties of titanium alloys are discussed

Firmetal, 2020-10-27 09:33:00 PM

Due to its high specific strength, light weight, wide operating temperature range and excellent corrosion resistance, titanium alloy has been widely used in aerospace industry. At present, the titanium alloy used in aerospace industry accounts for about 70% of the total production of titanium.

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Improved 3D printing using titanium-tantalum alloy

Firmetal, 2020-10-26 09:43:00 PM

Due to its excellent physical properties and resistance to infection, titanium alloys are a prime choice for the manufacture of orthopedic devices such as knee/hip implants. The team found that using titanium and tantalum powders with interesting properties could 3D print customized implants with better stress absorption.

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