Preparation method and process of tantalum tungsten alloy blank

Firmetal, 2020-4-2 09:41:00 PM

Tantalum tungsten alloy is a kind of alloy with tantalum as the matrix and a certain amount of tungsten added. Although both tantalum and tungsten can infinite solid solution, but when the tungsten content in more than 12-14 at % at % alloy plastic will be significantly reduced, when tungsten content is low, tantalum tungsten alloy as the pure tantalum low-temperature plastic, and has high strength, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistant ability, so the lower……

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Application of titanium in new industrial field

Firmetal, 2020-4-1 09:46:00 PM

Titanium alloy is a relatively young metal, from the development of the present 60, 70 years of history, into the 20th century after the traditional steel and aluminum has been unable to meet the needs of aerospace, aviation, navigation and other fields, in 1954 by the United States company developed titanium alloy materials.

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Niobium powder

Firmetal, 2020-3-31 09:45:00 PM

Niobium powder, metal niobium powder, the formation of a dense oxide film on its surface with unidirectional conductive valve metal properties. The Nb2O5 oxide is a white powder with a purity of 99.999%. It is used to produce high purity lithium niobate crystals and special optical glass additives. The anodic oxide film has stable chemical properties, high resistivity, small leakage current and large dielectric constant.

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