Method of processing zirconium wide sheet

Firmetal, 2022-9-28 09:36:00 PM

The processing method of pure zirconium wide sheet is as follows: first, the pure zirconium slab is heated and the first rolling is carried out to get the first semi-finished slab; Second, the first semi-finished slab is heated after the second rolling, the second semi-finished slab is obtained;

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High performance titanium alloy material industrialization

Firmetal, 2022-9-27 09:12:00 PM

Great breakthroughs have been made in new material development and titanium alloy processing technology. With independent intellectual property rights of Ti2448 multi-functional medical high strength titanium alloy has the similar elastic modulus to the human body skeleton……

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Niobium-tungsten alloy and preparation method thereof

Firmetal, 2022-9-26 09:09:00 PM

Tungsten is an effective strengthening element of niobium, but with the increase of tungsten content, the ductile-brittle transition temperature of the alloy will increase and the grain size will grow significantly.

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Molybdenum-niobium alloy single crystal polycrystalline raw material bar

Firmetal, 2022-9-23 10:39:00 PM

The preparation method of polycrystalline raw material bar for molybdenum-niobium alloy single crystal is as follows: FMO-1 powder and FNB-1 powder are mixed by mixer and pressed into billet, and the billet is sintered into sintered strip at high temperature;

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Molybdenum niobium alloy plate target material

Firmetal, 2022-9-22 09:32:00 PM

Molybdenum-niobium alloy plate target material has the characteristics of high melting point, high temperature strength and high temperature toughness, thermal resistance and thermal conductivity, and small coefficient of thermal expansion.

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Increase the hafnium content in tantalum-tungsten alloy

Firmetal, 2022-9-21 09:07:00 PM

Methods for improving the hafnium content of tantalum tungsten alloy include: 1. Mixing tantalum powder, tungsten powder and hafnium powder according to the designed content to obtain mixed powder;

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Application of heat-resistant titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2022-9-20 11:32:00 PM

Titanium and titanium alloy are light, high strength and corrosion resistant structural materials, which have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, chemical industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, salt production……

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Cobalt tantalum alloy powder

Firmetal, 2022-9-16 09:33:00 PM

A preparation method of cobalt tantalum alloy powder, cobalt tantalum alloy powder and its use, the preparation method of cobalt tantalum alloy powder includes: first prepare cobalt material and tantalum material in accordance with the ratio of target atoms and mix;

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Smelting method of NbTiAl based alloy

Firmetal, 2022-9-15 09:39:00 PM

The high NbTiAl based alloy was obtained by melting in vacuum arc furnace using sponge titanium, niobium-titanium alloy and aluminum-bean as raw materials. The consumable electrode was formed by pressing and welding.

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Preparation of ultra-high purity cobalt plates

Firmetal, 2022-9-14 09:20:00 PM

The invention relates to a preparation method and application of a tissue controllable ultra-high purity cobalt plate. The preparation method includes: Cold pressing molding, high vacuum sintered, high vacuum electron beam melting furnace……

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High purity tantalum and sputtering targets

Firmetal, 2022-9-13 09:12:00 PM

In industry, high purity metals have been expected for many reasons. Tantalum, a metal of higher purity, is particularly needed because it can be used as a sputtering target and in electronic components such as capacitors.

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Tantalum and niobium powders for powder metallurgy

Firmetal, 2022-9-9 09:21:00 PM

Tantalum and niobium are elements with similar properties, due to their high melting point (tantalum's melting point is 2996℃, niobium's melting point is 2468°C)……

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Preparation method of high strength and high plasticity titanium alloy wire

Firmetal, 2022-9-8 09:20:00 PM

In the field of titanium alloy material preparation, a preparation method of high strength and high plasticity titanium alloy wire is disclosed, including: multi-fire forging of melted titanium alloy ingot;

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Niobium shell for high energy tantalum hybrid capacitor

Firmetal, 2022-9-7 09:23:00 PM

The high-energy tantalum hybrid capacitor niobium shell and the manufacturing method thereof, the high-energy tantalum hybrid capacitor shell comprises a niobium shell and a niobium insulator;

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Molybdenum-rhenium alloy bar preparation method

Firmetal, 2022-9-6 09:25:00 PM

A high performance molybdenum-rhenium alloy bar, according to the mass percentage, composed of the following components: rhenium 5 ~ 50%, the allowance for molybdenum; As well as the preparation method of the high performance molybdenum-rhenium alloy bar……

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Method for manufacturing refractory pure rhenium sheets

Firmetal, 2022-9-5 09:39:00 PM

High purity rhenium powder, formed and sintered by carefully selected two-stage reduction of ammonium rhenate, adopts an open pressing mould to ensure that thin rhenium sheet billet with Boson ratio up to 16 can be pressed.

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Titanium-tantalum-niobium-zirconium alloy scaffold

Firmetal, 2022-9-2 09:18:00 PM

In clinical practice, autologous or allogeneic bone transplantation has been widely used in bone defect repair. Therefore, various artificial bone materials, including metal materials and polymer materials, have attracted extensive attention.

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Study on heat treatment process of tantalum-tungsten alloy drug cover

Firmetal, 2022-9-1 09:16:00 PM

The key component of the explosive-formed projectile warhead is the parabolic or sphere-shaped charge cover with a cone Angle greater than 120°. When the explosive is detonated, the mouth of the charge cover turns back and deforms with a strain rate greater than 104/s to form the projectile, hit the armor and destroy the target.

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Production method of vanadium aluminum alloy with low impurity

Firmetal, 2022-8-31 09:18:00 PM

Production method of vanadium aluminum alloy with low impurity. The production method includes vanadium penoxide, aluminum metal and coolant as the charge after mixing into the open reaction furnace, ignition smelting vanadium aluminum alloy and slag……

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Novel titanium niobium graft

Firmetal, 2022-8-30 09:26:00 PM

Titanium is one of the most common materials for bone grafts, but it has serious drawbacks. Its elasticity, hardness and other physical and mechanical parameters greatly exceed those of bone tissue.

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High strength low modulus biomedical titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2022-8-29 09:13:00 PM

At present, the most widely used metal materials for surgical implantation are stainless steel, cobalt-based alloy and titanium alloy. As an emerging metal material, titanium alloy has a strong demand as an alternative implant product for……

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The typical preparation techniques of high entropy alloys mainly include "liquid method"

Firmetal, 2022-8-26 09:31:00 PM

"Solid method", "gas method" and "electrochemical method". The preparation process of "liquid method" mainly includes arc melting, vacuum induction melting, laser cladding, etc.

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NbTaTiZr double equal atom

Firmetal, 2022-8-25 09:42:00 PM

NbTaTiZr double equal atomic ratio high entropy alloy and its preparation method, the preparation method includes the following steps: Step S1, Ti, ZrH2, Nb, Ta metal powder according to equal atomic ratio……

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Method for diffusion connection of molybdenum-rhenium alloys without interlayer

Firmetal, 2022-8-24 09:08:00 PM

Molybdenum and rhenium belong to rare metals, molybdenum rhenium alloy with high melting point and boiling point, very low vapor pressure, high density, high temperature hardness and……

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NbMoTaW high entropy alloy and preparation method thereof

Firmetal, 2022-8-23 13:32:00 PM

Diffusion welding of tantalum and copper, aluminum and titanium dissimilar metals. It is a diffusion welding method for tantalum and copper, aluminum and titanium dissimilar metals. The technological process is successively:

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400MPa grade low cost high strength titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2022-8-22 09:21:00 PM

The titanium alloy is composed of the following mass percentages of elements: Al 4.0%~5.0%, Mo 5.6%~6.5%, V 2.5%~3.5%, Cr 1.5%~2.5%, Fe 1.5%~2.5%, the allowance for Ti is the inevitable impurity;

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Titanium niobium alloy and a method for preparing plates and tubes from it

Firmetal, 2022-8-18 09:13:00 PM

The corrosion resistant titanium niobium alloy and the method of preparing sheet and tube from it are characterized by the following composition according to the weight percentage: Nb 0.1 ~ 4.9%, C≤ 0.08%, N≤ 0.03%, H≤ 0.012%, O≤ 0.12%, Fe≤ 0.1%, the allowance is Ti.

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Ti45Nb titanium alloy wire

Firmetal, 2022-8-17 09:14:00 PM

The heat treatment method of Ti45Nb titanium alloy wire includes the following steps: the Ti45Nb titanium alloy wire to be treated is placed in Muffle furnace, heated to 750 ~ 860℃ for preheating, then held for 0.5 ~ 1.6h, and then cooled to room temperature.

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Production method of tantalum powder

Firmetal, 2022-8-16 09:47:00 PM

Tantalum powder production method and equipment; The method is carried out by reducing the alkali metal fluorine niobium and/or tantalate, in which the temperature of reduction reaction is 300-1050℃……

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High strength titanium alloy for marine engineering

Firmetal, 2022-8-4 09:13:00 PM

Titanium alloy has the characteristics of low density, high specific strength, no magnetic, sound transmission, corrosion resistance to sea water and ocean atmosphere, shock resistance and good machinability, which makes it an ideal metal structure material for ocean engineering.

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Corrosion resistant titanium niobium alloy

Firmetal, 2022-8-3 09:11:00 PM

The corrosion resistant titanium niobium alloy and the method of preparing sheet and tube from it are characterized by the following composition according to the weight percentage: Nb 0.1 ~ 4.9%, C≤ 0.08%, N≤ 0.03%, H≤ 0.012%, O≤ 0.12%, Fe≤ 0.1%, and the allowance is Ti.

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TZM and WRe heterogenous refractory alloys

Firmetal, 2022-7-29 09:22:00 PM

A SPS diffusion welding method for TZM and WRe dissimilar refractory alloys was proposed. The joints of TZM and WRe dissimilar refractory alloys were obtained by solid diffusion welding of TZM and WRe alloys using SPS technology.

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Porous tantalum for medical metal implants

Firmetal, 2022-7-28 09:10:00 PM

Porous medical metal implant materials have important and special uses in the treatment of bone tissue trauma and femoral tissue necrosis, and now common such materials include porous metal stainless steel, porous metal titanium, etc.

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Porous niobium tantalum titanium alloy material with controllable porosity

Firmetal, 2022-7-27 09:15:00 PM

The invention discloses a porous niobium tantalum titanium alloy material with controllable porosity and a preparation method thereof. The porous niobium tantalum titanium alloy material is composed of the following atomic percentage components:

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Low temperature diffusion of tungsten alloy and tantalum alloy

Firmetal, 2022-7-26 09:05:00 PM

Low temperature diffusion welding method of tungsten alloy and tantalum alloy, the steps of the method include: (1) workpiece surface cleaning steps: tungsten alloy, tantalum alloy processing to the specified size……

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Forging products of near β titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2022-7-25 09:11:00 PM

Close to β titanium alloy processing, and can be used to manufacture structural parts and components in aerospace engineering. Ingot titanium alloys containing titanium, vanadium, molybdenum, chromium, iron, zirconium……

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Trace tantalum in waste tantalum niobium ore

Firmetal, 2022-7-22 09:22:00 PM

The invention provides a method for extracting trace (Ta,Nb)2O5 from granite type tantalum and niobium ore waste rock by the process of "magnetic separation + high gradient magnetic separation + spiral chute + heavy medium separation + shaking table separation".

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Titanium alloy surface chemical blackening method

Firmetal, 2022-7-21 09:09:00 PM

Chemical blackening solution by volume concentration is 90 ~ 120g/L sulfuric acid, 50 ~ 60g/L hydrofluoric acid, 100 ~ 120g/L lactic acid, 180 ~ 200g/L acetic acid, 8 ~ 12g/L citric acid, sodium 4 ~ 6g/L, the rest is distilled water.

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Pt-Al high temperature protective coating on niobium alloy was prepared

Firmetal, 2022-7-20 09:35:00 PM

The method of preparing Pt Al high temperature protective coating on the surface of niobium alloy includes the following steps :(1) pretreatment of the surface of niobium alloy substrate, ultrasonic cleaning with acetone, then rinse with deionized water, and blow dry for reserve;

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Forming method of tantalum alloy shaped parts

Firmetal, 2022-7-15 09:25:00 PM

The forming method of tantalum alloy special-shaped parts includes the following steps: Step 1. Hot stamping is carried out after the surface of the tantalum alloy round plate is polished to obtain semi-finished tantalum alloy special-shaped parts;

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Comprehensive recovery process of associated tantalum-niobium ore

Firmetal, 2022-7-14 09:17:00 PM

Associated tantalum niobium comprehensive recovery process, mainly in the run of mine ore grading after coarse grinding, coarse grain on the screen with the method of high gradient……

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Tungsten-rhenium molybdenum alloy rotating anode target

Firmetal, 2022-7-12 09:20:00 PM

The invention relates to a tungsten rhenium molybdenum alloy rotating anode target for X-ray tube and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of powder metallurgy.

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Titanium and titanium alloy melting crucible

Firmetal, 2022-7-11 09:32:00 PM

Titanium and titanium alloy melting crucible, the invention relates to titanium and titanium alloy melting crucible. The crucible comprises a shell, a boron nitride lining and a barrier layer, which is coated with the boron nitride lining and……

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Tantalum and tantalum alloy parts

Firmetal, 2022-7-8 09:00:00 PM

Preparation method of tantalum and tantalum alloy parts, adding tantalum powder or tantalum alloy powder and dispersant into ball mill for dissociation and ball grinding;

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Separation of platinum group elements from each other

Firmetal, 2022-7-7 09:10:00 PM

The invention relates to a method for mutual separation of platinum group elements, which can effectively separate impurities from palladium, platinum, iridium, ruthenium and rhodium by using high safety compounds and procedures to……

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Addition of tantalum, niobium or other alloys

Firmetal, 2022-7-6 09:16:00 PM

The manufacturing method of tantalum, niobium or its alloy additive includes the following steps: first prepare tantalum powder, niobium powder or its alloy powder for 3D printing;

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Super alloy containing tantalum

Firmetal, 2022-7-5 09:25:00 PM

In order to promote the strengthening of the γ "phase, niobium-based superalloys have been modified by replacing niobium atom by atom with tantalum and then heat treating the resulting alloys at temperatures higher than those normally used for niobium-based alloys.

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Preparation method of iridium alloy containing thorium

Firmetal, 2022-7-4 10:45:00 PM

Iridium has a melting point of 2450℃ and a working temperature of 2200℃. It does not exhibit obvious oxidation at atmospheric conditions below 1000℃, and has good high temperature durable strength and creep strength.

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Method for increasing the hafnium content in tantalum tungsten alloy

Firmetal, 2022-7-1 08:37:00 PM

The invention relates to a method for increasing the hafnium content in tantalum-tungsten alloy, which includes: 1. The tantalum powder, tungsten powder and hafnium powder are mixed evenly according to the design content to obtain the mixed powder;

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Mechanical properties of titanium

Firmetal, 2022-6-30 08:52:00 PM

The tensile modulus of industrial pure titanium is 105 ~ 109GPa. The tensile modulus of most titanium alloys in the annealing state is 110 ~ 120GPa.

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