Niobium 50% Titanium

  • Niobium Titanium 50%
  • Niobium Titanium alloy

Product Details

Nb-50% Ti-50% Introduction

  • Nb-50% Ti-50% has good superconductivity and is used in superconducting industry. It is also very strong, so it is also used in aerospace industry.

  • Nb-50% Ti-50% is an alloy consists of niobium and titanium. Normally the content of titanium is between 20% and 60% for industrial-used niobium titanium alloys. The most typical niobium titanium alloy is approximately titanium 66%.

  • Niobium titanium alloy is an important alloyed superconductor material. Its superconductive transition temperature is 8K to 10K. If other elements are added into the alloy, superconductivity will be improved.

  • Niobium titanium alloy is sintered by alloyed powder. We use vacuum electrode arc furnace or electron-beam furnace to melt the alloyed ingots. The niobium titanium alloys can be in various forms sheet, bar, wire, target.

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