Niobium 10% Zirconium

  • Nb10Zr
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Manufacture Process Of Niobium Zirconium Alloy(Nb-10%Zr)

There are 5 steps to make the niobium zirconium alloy 10 (niobium-zirconium, Nb-Zr 90/10 wt%).

  • Step 1: Take 9.5%-10.5% atomic energy level zirconium sponge and 89.5%-90.5% hydrogenation dehydrogenization niobium powder as per weight. Total percentage is 100%.

  • Step 2: Make the hydrogenation dehydrogenization niobium powder into electrode and purify it, then form niobium ingot in vacuum arc furnace.

  • Step 3: Remove the impurities from atomic energy level zirconium sponge, wash, vacuum dry and form the zirconium into ingot. Forge the ingot into zirconium sheet by hot rolling and cold rolling.

  • Step 4: Cut the zirconium sheet into strips at the same length as the niobium ingot in Step 2 Stick the zirconium strip tightly on niobium ingots and put them in vacuumed chamber filled with argon, get niobium zirconium compound ingot niobium-zirconium Nb-Zr 90/10 wt%.

  • Step 5: Melt the niobium zirconium compound ingot niobium-zirconium, Nb-Zr 90/10 wt% onto electrode, smelt the electrode in consumable electrode vacuum furnace for 5-6h, and cool with argon for 3.5-4h. Cut the alloy ingot into pieces, smelt for another 5-6h and argon cool for 3.5-4h. Finally get niobium-zirconium, Nb-Zr 90/10 wt%.

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