Niobium Tantalum Zirconium Alloy

  • Nb-Ta-Zr Alloy
  • Niobium Tantalum Zirconium Alloy

Product Details

Nb-Ta-Zr Introduction

Usually the content of this alloy is Nb-7.5wt%Ta-0.7wt%Zr or Nb-7.5wt%Ta-1wt%Zr. Base on the chemical compositions, we manufacture alloyed ingots and produce various shapes as bars or seamless tubes.Regular dimensions of tubes are OD 0.5” x ID 0.32” x length per piece or OD 0.4”x ID 0.27” x Length per piece. These niobium alloyed tubes are mostly applied in superconducting fields.

We produce Nb-Ta-Zr alloys according to customer’s requests.

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