T - 111

  • Tantalum 40%Niobium
  • Ta40Nb

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T-111 Introduction

Tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy is made from a certain amount of tungsten and hafnium added to the base of tantalum. It was developed on the basis of the tungsten alloy.The active element hafnium and interstitial element oxygen and carbon generate diffuse HfO2 and HfC particles, improve the creep strength of the alloy and the corrosion resistance of alkali metals. From 1960 to 1963, the United States sucessfully developed Ta-8W-2Hf-0.1Zr-0.1Nb-0.4Mo alloy. Tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy is divided into solid - soluble strengthening alloy and dispersion strengthened alloy by reinforcement schedule.

T-111 Alloys Physical Properties
Products Nominal composition(wt%) Physical Properties
Density/g·cm-3 Melting Point/˚C Coefficient of Line-Expansion/10-6K-1 Recrystallization Temperature/˚C Annealing Temperature/˚C Extension of Brittle Transition Temperature/˚C
T-111 Ta-8W-2Hf-0.1Zr-0.1Nb-0.04Mo 16.73 2982 4.2 (1649˚C) 1427 - 1649 1093 - 1316 - 196
Ta Alloys Mechanical Property (21˚C)
Products Modulus of Elasticity/MPa  Tensile Strength/MPa Yield Strength/MPa Elongation/% Material Form
T-111   703 773 29 Various Forms

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