NbTi Superconductor

  • Niobium Titanium superconductor
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Niobium-Titanium Superconductor Introduction

Niobium tubes, niobium rod and NbTi alloy are applied for superconductor application. Nb tubes of OD 21mm – for MgB2 superconducting wire application. NbTi alloy of OD 62mm & Nb tube of OD63.5mm & OD38.5mm for NbTi superconducting wire application. Nb rod for Nb3Sn superconducting wire application. The wire must be extruded for three or four times by approx. diameter 1.0mm finally without disconnection. The Mg+Br mixed powers are inside the multiple tubes like Cu & Monel, and the outer Cu tube play a stabilizer role.

Niobium-Titanium Superconductor Application

  • Niobium titanium superconducting material can be made into a variety of compound practical materials through conventional deformation and heat treatment process.

  • When it is used in a 2-8t medium and low magnetic field, its raw materials and manufacturing costs are much lower than other superconductors and other manufacturing technologies. In particular, it is extensively used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnets for modern medical diagnosis. The annual consumption of NbTi superconductivity has reached 1000 tons.

Niobium Titanium Superconductor application

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