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Zirconium Parts Properties

Zirconium and zirconium alloys own good plasticity and can be processed into pipes, sheets, rods and wires. It has great weldability. We produce zirconium tubes, zirconium screws and other customized zirconium parts.
Material: R60702 R60705
Zirconium anode baskets
Specification: non-standard, as per the customer's requirements
Main property: Anticorrosion ability is at least 10 times better than Ti in sculptures acid H2SO4, boric acid H3BO4, HCL, a priority for circuit board electroplating.

General Amenity Corrosion Resistant Zirconium Castings Mechanical Properties
Products Tensile Strength/MPa ≤ Yield Strength/MPa ≤ Elongation (Standard 50mm)/% ≥ Hardness HB ≤ Hardness HRC ≤
702C 380 276 12 210 B96
704C 413 276 10 235 C36
705C 483 345 12 235 C36

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