T - 122

  • Ta 122
  • Tantalum Tungsten Hafnium alloy rod

Product Details

T-122 Introduction

Tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy is made from a certain amount of tungsten and hafnium added to the base of tantalum. Tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy has excellent thermal stability and high creep strength in the temperature range from 93˚C to 1426˚C. Since the year of 1960 to 1963, the United States successfully developed Ta-10W-2.5 Hf-0.01Zr-0.1Nb-0.02Mo alloy. Tantalum tungsten hafnium alloy is divided into solid - soluble strengthening alloy and dispersion strengthened alloy by reinforcement schedule.

T-122 Alloys Physical Properties
Products Nominal
Physical Properties
Density/g·cm-3 Melting Point/˚C Coefficient of Line-Expansion/10-6K-1 Recrystallization Temperature/˚C Annealing Temperature/˚C Extension of Brittle Transition Temperature/˚C
T-122 Ta-10W-2.5Hf-
16.79 3027 - 1538 - 1649 1093 - 1316 - 196
Ta Alloys Mechanical Property (21˚C)
Products Modulus of Elasticity/MPa  Tensile Strength/MPa Yield Strength/MPa Elongation/% Material Form
T-122 203 890 703 773 30 Rod, Plate

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