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Product Details

Available Titanium Sputtering Target

Available grades: Gr1, Gr2, Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5), Ti-Al, Ti-Cr, Ti-Ni, Ti-Si, Ti-Zr, Ti-50/Zr-50

Titanium Available Grades For Titanium Target

  • Commercially pure (Grade 1 - Grade 2)
    Ti6Al4V (Grade 5)
    Ti/Al alloy Ti: Al 75 : 25 at%, 65 : 35 at%; 50 : 50 at%; 35 : 65 at%
    Ti/Cr alloy
    Ti/Ni alloy
    Ti/Si alloy
    Ti/Zr alloy
    Ti-50/Zr-50 alloy
    Other grade and alloy by request


  • Precisely machined / ground, shinny bright surface
    Roughness Ra 1.6, 0.8 by request

Forms For Titanium Target

  • Planar / Circular / Tubular
    Custom-made form as per drawing

Firmetal has gone through technical research and innovation, creating sputtering targets inside of a broad assortment of products in lots of types along the lines of clamp-down, rotatable tubes, and bolt-down configurations.

Titanium Target Application

Titanium targets are used for glass coating industry like car glass, architectural glass and optical communication etc. Other applications of titanium targets are CD-ROM, decoration, flat panel displays, functional coating as well as optical information storage space industry.
Titanium Target Application

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