Titanium Zirconium Target

  • Titanium zirconium target
  • TiZr target

Product Details

Titanium Zirconium Target Introduction

The regular composition we produced is Ti-50/Zr-50 wt%. Its dimension is 19.05mm x 152.4mm x 635mm. We can produce TiZr alloyed targets according to customer’s actual requirements and match Ti and Zr alloyed contents.

Titanium zirconium alloy is a type of new alloy. Titanium’s strength can be raised through adding zirconium into the titanium. Zirconium can make sure ductility of the alloy during cold-rolling process. Because zirconium is a totally solid solution element against titanium. It doesn’t exist the danger of reducing ductility even if the chemical compounds are generated between these two metals. In addition, the grain size can be refined by adding zirconium. After annealing, the grain size can also be refined, too. This result comes from lowering diffusion temperature. This kind of grain size refinement can keep continuing cold processing to reach high strength. Moreover, choosing zirconium as additive elements is that the alloyed ingots won’t arouse composition segregation while melting the TiZr ingots in the consumable electrode vacuum furnace.

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