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Zirconium Application

Zirconium's Applications In Chemical Industry

There are 4 kinds of corrosion resistant alloyed zirconium in chemical industry: Zr702, Zr704, Zr705 and Zr706, applying to different chemical medium and condition. Products' code is Zircadyne. These four alloyed zirconium's corrosion resistance is almost the same, but their mechanical properties are a big difference. Zr705's tensile strength is the twice of Zr702. Usually Zr705 is used in chemical equipments which have higher requirements for intensity. But in sulfuric acid containing FeCl3, Zr702 and Zr704's corrosion resistant properties are better than Zr705 and Zr706. Zr706 has enough strength and high elongation, usually used in making heat exchanger.

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