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Zirconium Tube Standard

Our pure zirconium UNS R60001 and zirconium alloy tube products all follow ASTM B-353 (Nuclear application) and ASTM B-653 (Non-nuclear application), such as Zr702 (R60702), Zr705 (R60705), Zr-2 (UNS R60802), Zr-4 (UNS R60804), Zr-2.5Nb (UNS R60901, UNS R60904), Zr-1Nb tube and other alloys' tube.

Zirconium Tube Technology

  • Zirconium rod and tubes are produced by cold rolling, rotary swaging, spinning, drawing and cold worked techniques. Zirconium and its alloys have good plasticity, moderate deformation resistance in cold worked process. The properties of cold work is close to low carbon steel. But it is difficult to lubricate and it is sticky. We need to do alramenting or oxidation treatment for drawn billets.

  • To obtain ideal surface quality, generally zirconium tubes are processed by cold work instead of drawing process.

  • Heat treatment is processed in vacuumed furnace. Vacuum degree is 1×10-2 to 1×10-3 Pa. Only by protective coating or complete dimensions, can zirconium be annealed in the air.

  • The intermediate annealing temperature is approx 700˚C for Zirconium Tin alloys. Recrystallization starts from 500˚C and becomes rough at 600˚C.

  • Stress relief annealing is 450 to 500˚C for the finished zirconium tubes. Recrystallization annealing temperature is 530 to 600˚C.

Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys Tube Processing Technology
Serial Number Technology Process Description
1 ingot casting inspection composition reinspection, appearance inspection
2 β forging heated in furnace under temperature of 1030-1050˚C, insulated for 60 to 90 min, water quenching
3 drilling, boring, copper lad set  
4 extruding line frequency induction furnace heat to 750-780˚C, insulated for 30 to 35 min, extruding on 3150t extruding machine
5 tube billets repair  
6 cold rolling and intermediate annealing  rolling after 3-4 times, intermediate annealing at 700˚C, insulated for 1h, vacuum degree 10-2Pa-10-3Pa
7 precision rolling precision rolling after 3-4 times. General working rate over 70%, Q data is 3-5
8 finishing annealing recrystallization annealing: 545+/-5˚C, insulated 2h. stress relief annealing: 460+/-5˚C, insulated 3h
9 straightening on roller leveler
10 inner surface acid wash use flowing acid
11 outer surface polishing use abrasive belt
12 dimension inspection  
13 property inspection  
14 packing  

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