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Niobium Application

Suggestions For Using Niobium

With the advantages of high melting point, corrosion resistance, good cold processing properties and so on, Niobium and alloyed niobium are widely used in chemical, electronic, electric light source, aerospace and other areas.

Chemical Industry

With the similar chemical features to tantalum, niobium has no corrosive effect on most media except fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, acid solution contained fluorine ions, fuming sulfuric acid and strong alkalis. Therefore, niobium and alloyed niobium are widely used in the manufacture of reaction vessels, heat exchangers of chemical industry as well as sodium electrical conduit of high pressure in lighting source industry.

Aerospace Industry

With the features of small density, high melting point, good formability, thermal neutron captures small cross-sections and so on, niobium has a good application prospect. Niobium-based alloys of high temperature are widely applied in aerospace industry. FS-85 and C103 are used in spaceship engine's structural materials and rocket nozzles, heat exchangers and so on. Nb-1Zr can also be used in reactors inner elements, packaging materials and so on.

Electronic Industry

Niobium and niobium zirconium alloys are used in manufacture of high pressure sodium lamp in electronic industry. The materials' inoxidizability and intensity can be obviously raised by adding zirconium to niobium. Most niobium zirconium alloys are used in sodium lamps’ electrical conduits of high pressure by processed into wires. Nowadays, niobium wires are gradually taking the place of niobium capacitors’ anticathode fuse. They are widely applied in a low-voltage scope, taking the place of expensive tantalum wires steps by steps.

Niobium Used In Other Industry

Like tantalum, niobium can be also used in making vacuum furnaces' attachments and supports of high temperature. High purity niobium, NbTi alloy and Nb3Sn are excellent superconducting materials. Since the surface shows different colors due to different amount of oxygen, niobium is also applied to jewelry manufacturing industry.

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