• C129y
  • Niobium C-129Y

Product Details

C129Y Introduction

  • C129Y has high temperature resistance and high strength, it is mainly used in aerospace industry.

  • This type of alloy is suitable for the manufacture of riveting and fastening components such as skin, bolts, nuts, etc.

  • Niobium is used as the base metal, adding no more than 10% of the metallic elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium, titanium, zirconium, hafnium and a small amount of carbon to form a solid solution strengthened and a small amount of ZrO2 and C precipitation strengthened niobium alloys, such as Nb752.

C-129Y Chemical Composition (wt%)
Products Chemical Composition/% Chemical Composition/10-6
Nb W Mo Ta Hf Zr Ti C O N
C-129Y Balance 10 - - - 10 - 0.2Y 150 225 150
C-129Y Physical Properties
Products Composition Density/g·cm-3 Temperature
Coefficient of Line-expansion/10-6K-1 Recrystallization Temperature/˚C Anneal Temperature/˚C Elongation Brittle Transition Temperature/˚C
C-129Y Nb-10W-10Hf-0.5Ta-0.7Zr-0.1Mo-0.4Y 9.5 2399 4.73 (1371˚C) 1038 - 1093 982 - 196
C-129Y Mechanical Properties (21˚C)
Products Modulus of Elasticity Tensile Strength/MPa Yield Strength/MPa Elongation(Standard 50.8mm)/%
C-129Y 105 460 632.8 534.3 25
C-129Y High-temperature Properties
Products Composition Shape Temperature/˚C  Tensile Strength/MPa Temperature/˚C Break Strength/MPa
C-129Y 10W,10Hf,0.1Y Sheet 1316 161.7 1093 105.5

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