• FS-85
  • Nb-28Ta-10W-1Zr

Product Details

FS-85 Chemical Composition (wt%)
Products Chemical Composition/% Chemical Composition/10-6
Nb W Mo Ta Hf Zr Ti C O N
FS-85 Balance 10 - 28 - - 2 - 40 60 50
FS-85 Physical Properties
Products Composition Density/g·cm-3 Temperature
Coefficient of Line-expansion/10-6K-1 Recrystallization Temperature/˚C Anneal Temperature/˚C Elongation Brittle Transition Temperature/˚C
FS-85 Nb-11W-27.5Ta-0.05Mo-0.9Zr-0.1Hf 10.61 2592 5.0 (1316˚C) 1093~1371 1010 -196
FS-85 Mechanical Properties (21˚C)
Products Modulus of Elasticity/Mpa Tensile Strength/Mpa Yield Strength/Mpa Elongation(Standard 50.8mm)/%
FS-85 140 620  604.7 485.1 22
FS-85 High Temperature Performance
Products Composition Shape Temperature/˚C Tensile Strength/Mpa Temperature/˚C Breaking Strength
FS-85 28Ta,11W,0.8Zr Sheet - - 1316 84.4

FS-85 Application

  • FS-85 is niobium high temperature alloy, which is widely used in aerospace industry. It can be used as a structural material for the shuttle engines, rocket nozzles and hot exchange pipes for jet planes.

  • FS-85 is a high strength niobium alloy. With niobium as the base metal, a large amount of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, zirconium and other metal elements and a small amount of carbon element were added into FS-85.The C129Y niobium alloys forms solution strengthening and it combines with Nb and Zr to form niobium alloys such as FS 85.This kind of alloy has high tensile strength, creep strength and fatigue strength in the range from 1300 ˚C to 1600˚C.

FS-85 application

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