• FS-85
  • Nb-28Ta-10W-1Zr

Product Details

FS-85 Chemical Composition (wt%)
Products Chemical Composition/% Chemical Composition/10-6
Nb W Mo Ta Hf Zr Ti C O N
FS-85 Balance 10 - 28 - - 2 - 40 60 50
FS-85 Physical Properties
Products Composition Density/g·cm-3 Temperature
Coefficient of Line-expansion/10-6K-1 Recrystallization Temperature/˚C Anneal Temperature/˚C Elongation Brittle Transition Temperature/˚C
FS-85 Nb-11W-27.5Ta-0.05Mo-0.9Zr-0.1Hf 10.61 2592 5.0 (1316˚C) 1093~1371 1010 -196
FS-85 Mechanical Properties (21˚C)
Products Modulus of Elasticity/Mpa Tensile Strength/Mpa Yield Strength/Mpa Elongation(Standard 50.8mm)/%
FS-85 140 620  604.7 485.1 22
FS-85 High Temperature Performance
Products Composition Shape Temperature/˚C Tensile Strength/Mpa Temperature/˚C Breaking Strength
FS-85 28Ta,11W,0.8Zr Sheet - - 1316 84.4

FS-85 Application

  • FS-85 belongs to niobium high temperature alloy, which is widely used in aerospace industry. It can be used as a structural material for the shuttle engine, a rocket nozzle and a hot exchange pipe for a jet plane.

  • FS-85 is a high strength niobium alloy. With niobium as the base metal and adding a large amount of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, zirconium and other metal elements and a small amount of carbon element, this niobium alloy has high solid solution strengthening, combined with C precipitation strengthening. This kind of alloy has high tensile strength, creep strength and fatigue strength in the 1300-1600˚C range.

FS-85 application

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