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Product Details

Niobium Target Technology

  • Refined by electron-beam, niobium targets are produced from niobium ingots. The target fabrication includes: mechanical deformation, machining (trimming and plane milling), vacuum re-crystallization annealing and finishing chemical treatment.

  • Higher density of target material is usually required in order to reduce the stomata in the material and improve the performance of the sputter film. The density affects not only the sputtering rate, but also the electrical and optical properties of the film. The higher the density of target material is, the better the film performance works.

  • In addition, enhancing density and strength of the target material can withstand the thermal stress better during the sputtering process. Density is also one of the key performance indicators of the target material.

Our Niobium Target After Use

Niobium Target Application

  • As a key ingredient of niobium and its alloy film, Niobium sputtering target materials are widely used in color TFT LCD panel PC, optical lenses, electronic imaging, information storage, solar cell, glass coatings as well as in the corrosion resistant environment like shipping and chemical production fields.

  • Nowadays, niobium sputtering target materials are mostly applied in advanced touch screen, flat panel display and surface coating for energy-saving glasses. It has anti-reflection effect on glass screen.

Niobium target application

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