Titanium Aluminum Target

  • TiAl target
  • Titanium aluminum target

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Titanium Aluminum Target Introduction

The regular titanium aluminum atomic ratio is Ti33/Al67 and Ti50/Al50. Dimension is 18mm x 154mm x 754mm. We usually produce alloyed targets based on client’s drawings. Some targets have steps or holes.

Titanium aluminum alloy is a sliver white metal. It has characteristics of small density, high intensity and etc. TiAl alloy is widely used in vacuumed coating industries. It can be manufactured to alloyed targets with certain chemical proportion. Titanium aluminum alloy is also a raw material of magnetron sputtering coating. When TiAl alloy is applied in vacuumed coating sputtering applications, normal titanium aluminum atomic ratio is 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 50/50, 30/70, 20/80 and 10/90. While the percentage of titanium atomic exceeds 50%,vacuum casting method is adopted. With the decrease of titanium and increase of aluminum, TiAl alloy should be processed by powder metallurgy to meet the requirements of targets.

Titanium Aluminum Target Process Techniques

  • (1) ingot metallurgy technique;

  • (2) powder metallurgy technique;

  • (3) rapid condensation technique;

  • (4) compound materials technique

Titanium Aluminum Target Application

The airplanes made of titanium aluminum alloys have greater capacity. The submarines made of TiAl alloy can stand sea water corrosion and resist deep water pressure. Its submerged depth increases by 80% compared to that of stainless steel. Titanium aluminum can be used to make frames, sealed props, receivers, clapboards, turbine blades and nozzle parts. Ti Al alloy owns good creep resistance and it can replace high density Hastelloy.
titanium aluminum target application

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