Production method of high purity Niobium Aluminium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-10-23 09:43:00 PM

Niobium alloy has the characteristics of high melting point and low density and is widely used as additive in other alloys and aerospace industry. Nb could significantly improve the anti-oxidation performance of Y-alloy.

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Alloying element addition and strengthening in Niobium

Firmetal, 2020-10-22 09:31:00 PM

Preparation methods and processing techniques include billet preparation, plastic processing, cutting, welding, heat treatment and coating.

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Titanium is used for aerospace materials

Firmetal, 2020-10-19 09:29:00 PM

Titanium and aviation are inextricably linked. In 1953, the DC-T engine pods and fire walls produced by Douglas Company were first made of titanium, thus revealing the history of titanium aviation applications. Since then, titanium has been used in aviation for more than half a century.

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Zirconium alloy precision casting refractory

Firmetal, 2020-10-16 09:35:00 PM

Precision casting refers to the molten metal cast into the shell made of refractory material, after the solidification of the metal stripping sand to obtain the desired alloy products. Precision casting technology can be used to cast complex castings that are close to the final shape of the parts.

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Tantalum and tantalum alloy production

Firmetal, 2020-10-15 09:40:00 PM

Tantalum (Ta), atomic number 73, atomic weight 180.9479, light gray metal, melting point 2996°C, boiling point 5425°C, specific gravity 16.6 g/cm, body centered cubic structure.

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Rhenium, the super-metal used in making aircraft engines

Firmetal, 2020-10-14 09:35:00 PM

Rhenium, one of the most recent natural elements, is one of the high melting point metals. Rhenium was named after the Rhine river because its discoverer was a German chemist.

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Development status of titanium alloy materials

Firmetal, 2020-10-13 09:42:00 PM

Titanium alloy refers to a variety of alloy metals made of titanium and other metals. In recent years, China has frequently issued policies to encourage the development, production and application of titanium alloy materials.

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The role of Niobium in super alloys

Firmetal, 2020-10-12 09:32:00 PM

The main functions of niobium in ultra - heat - resistant alloys are solid solution strengthening and precipitation strengthening. Niobium forms carbide in the form of MC and M6C to form Ni3Nb double reinforced phase.

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The purpose of the vanadium

Firmetal, 2020-9-30 09:18:00 PM

In the world, the production cost of vanadium metal is high, and the output is very small. In addition to a few special USES, the use form of vanadium in industry is mainly vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and ferrovanadium FeV.

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Extraction process of rhenium

Firmetal, 2020-9-29 09:40:00 PM

Rhenium production raw material mainly comes from the by-product of molybdenum smelting process. The content of rhenium in general molybdenite concentrate is between 0.001% and 0.031%.

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Application of titanium alloy for Marine sea water piping

Firmetal, 2020-9-28 09:38:00 PM

Since the 1990s, B10 alloy pipe has been widely used as the main material of Marine seawater piping system in China. As China's navy moves towards deep blue, higher technical and tactical requirements are put forward for the flexibility, safety and reliability of ship equipment.

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Platinum crucible

Firmetal, 2020-9-25 09:42:00 PM

There are two kinds of platinum crucible processing in China: 1. Die stamping forming; 2. Spin forming.

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Tantalum for the electronics industry

Firmetal, 2020-9-24 09:32:00 PM

Tantalum is mostly used in the electronics industry. According to relevant reports, 60% ~ 65% of tantalum is used in the electronic industry. For example, tantalum powder sintered blocks are used to make anodes for various liquid and solid tantalum capacitors, tantalum wires are used as anode leads for capacitors, and tantalum foils and tantalum plates are used for tantalum foil capacitors, liquid tantalum capacitors and some special types of solid tantalum capacitors.

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Nb alloying protection

Firmetal, 2020-9-23 09:40:00 PM

According to the oxidation mechanism of niobium, the methods of alloying can be considered from several the anti - oxidation properties of niobium were improved.

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Introduction to molybdenum-rhenium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-9-22 10:02:00 PM

The refractory metal molybdenum not only has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, but also has low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness and good high-temperature strength, so it is widely used in electronic industry, aerospace industry, energy industry and other fields.

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High-temperature titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-9-21 09:36:00 PM

Compared with ordinary titanium alloys, high temperature titanium alloys have higher performance requirements, especially in high temperature resistance. The main reason lies in the application of high-temperature titanium alloy in the key parts of aircraft engine compressor discs, blades and casing, etc.

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Basic properties of zirconium alloys

Firmetal, 2020-9-18 10:27:00 PM

Zirconium alloy welding performance is better, at room temperature chemical performance is more stable, corrosion resistance is outstanding, but its high temperature chemical performance is very active, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and operating environment in the dust, humidity and other pollution have a strong affinity.

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A method for preparing fine spherical niobium powder

Firmetal, 2020-9-17 09:46:00 PM

The use of plasma as heat source has great technical advantages in the spheroidization treatment of micron and submicron and some nanomaterials. Rf plasma torch arc body large, stable arc current, easy to adjust and control, making it easy to be used in the field of ultra-fine powder material treatment technology.

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Application of niobium in alloy steel

Firmetal, 2020-9-16 09:34:00 PM

Niobium is one of the most important alloying elements in steel. By adding a very small amount of niobium into steel, the strength, mechanical and welding properties and corrosion resistance of steel can be greatly improved.

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Discussion on the application of alloy materials in aerospace field

Firmetal, 2020-9-15 09:45:00 PM

In aerospace industry, alloys have become the engineering materials of great concern due to their high strength and easy welding. By analyzing the application of niobium alloy, aluminum lithium alloy, titanium aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy in aerospace engineering, this paper reveals the irreplaceable role of alloy materials in this field, and points out the deficiency of the alloy and the improvement measures.

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Metal coated protection

Firmetal, 2020-9-14 09:28:00 PM

The anti-oxidation properties of niobium and niobium alloys were improved by alloying.
The amount of aurified elements must exceed a critical value in order to protect the matrix. In this way, it is bound to affect other properties, especially the high-temperature mechanical properties of the matrix. It can be seen that the alloying method has its own limitations.

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The oxidation mechanism of niobium

Firmetal, 2020-9-11 09:41:00 PM

The poor oxidation resistance of niobium is caused by the oxidation process and the oxides formed by it. Property determined. X - ray diffraction analysis showed that the main oxides of niobium NbO, NbO2, and Nb2O5, the light and dark outer layers are made of high-priced oxides.

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Hardness of titanium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-9-10 09:39:00 PM

The density of titanium alloy one Bai is around 4.5g/cm3, which is only 60% of steel. The strength of pure titanium du is close to the strength of Puzhi Tong steel. Some high-strength titanium alloy DAO exceeded the strength of many alloy structural steels.

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Niobium alloy processing

Firmetal, 2020-9-9 09:37:00 PM

Pure niobium billet can be forged, extruded, rolled and drawn at room temperature ~ 500℃. The strength of niobium alloy is high, so generally in 1200℃ above extrusion and forging, and other primary processing, and then in 500℃ below extrusion, forging, rolling and other methods to produce bars, plates, strips, foil, pipes, wire and profile products.

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Separation of tantalum and hafnium from tantalum alloy slag

Firmetal, 2020-9-8 09:41:00 PM

Tantalum and hafnium are strategic metals widely used in the field of national defense industry. Tantalum hafnium resource in our country, although have some reserves, limited by factors such as grade, production cost and mining technology, the annual domestic tantalum hafnium far cannot meet the demand of domestic smelting, as a strategic reserve……

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A comprehensive introduction to tantalum

Firmetal, 2020-9-5 09:36:00 PM

The linear expansion coefficient of tantalum is 6, 5× 10-6k-1 between 0 ~ 100℃, the critical temperature of superconducting transition is 4, 38K, and the thermal neutron absorption cross section of the atom is 21, 3 target en.

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Niobium high temperature application

Firmetal, 2020-9-4 09:26:00 PM

Niobium alloy is made by adding appropriate elements and using vacuum arc remelting. The most common metal filler.The additives are zirconium, thallium and hafnium, which are.

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Effect of niobium and heat treatment process on microstructure and properties of low temperature steel

Firmetal, 2020-9-3 09:36:00 PM

The cracking of carbon steel and low alloy steel at low temperature is related to the strength and low temperature toughness of the steel, while the strength and low temperature toughness of the material are related to the chemical composition, microstructure and liquid quality of the material.

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Ti alloys heat treatment

Firmetal, 2020-9-2 09:35:00 PM

Titanium alloy is favored by people for its excellent mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength, and has become an important structural material in aviation, aerospace and other industrial fields.

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Platinum-iridium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-9-1 09:40:00 PM

It is a platinum-based binary alloy containing iridium, which is a continuous solid solution at high temperature. The solid phase decomposition occurs when the temperature reaches 975 ~ 700℃, but the phase equilibrium process is very slow.

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Preparation of planar niobium target materials

Firmetal, 2020-8-31 10:04:00 PM

Plane niobium target material is mainly used in coating industry, by high energy particles hit target material with high purity solid tablet, according to the physical process hits the atoms, and access to the sputtering chamber gas at the same time……

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Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of tantalum plates

Firmetal, 2020-8-28 09:36:00 PM

Tantalum alloy with high melting point, good conductive thermal conductivity, high chemical stability, excellent high temperature strength, good processability, weldability and low plastic brittle transition temperature, dynamic mechanical properties and excellent after oxidation treatment surface density, stable, high dielectric constant of the amorphous characteristics of oxide film is widely used in electronic, chemical, aerospace, military weapons, medical and health care and other fields.

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Anti - oxidation coating was prepared on tantalum alloy surface

Firmetal, 2020-8-27 09:39:00 PM

The invention relates to a method for preparing an antioxidant coating on the surface of tantalum alloy material, belonging to the technical field of high-temperature coating, in particular to a preparation method and properties of a high-temperature antioxidant coating used for the combustion chamber of a rail controlled engine.

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Platinum alloy

Firmetal, 2020-8-26 09:24:00 PM

Platinum and other components of noble metal materials. Commonly used are: platinum iridium alloy, platinum rhodium alloy, platinum nickel alloy, platinum alloy, platinum cobalt alloy, platinum tungsten alloy and platinum silver alloy, etc.

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Production method of titanium alloy pipe joint

Firmetal, 2020-8-25 09:39:00 PM

Titanium alloy has the high mechanical properties, excellent stamping performance, and can make all kinds of welding, good machinability, of chloride, sulfide and ammonia has high corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance of titanium in sea water is higher than aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel base alloy, titanium water impact resistance is strong, have been widely in use;

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Tantalum niobium processing

Firmetal, 2020-8-24 09:33:00 PM

For tantalum and niobium, electron beam smelting is often used in industrial production. There are two ways of electron beam melting: drop melting and cold flow tank melting. The dropping electron beam smelting is to focus the electron beam from the electron gun on the tantalum and niobium billet.

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Tantalum tungsten alloy

Firmetal, 2020-8-14 09:33:00 PM

Tantalum alloy based on the addition of a certain amount of tungsten element. Ta-w binary alloy composed of tantalum and tungsten is an infinite solid solution. The strength of the alloy increases with the increase of tungsten content, but the plasticity of the recrystallized alloy decreases significantly above 12% ~ 14%(atomic fraction) (see figure). Ta-2.5W, Ta-7.5W and Ta-10W are industrial tantalum - tungsten alloys produced in the United States.

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Heat treatment methods for titanium alloy forgings

Firmetal, 2020-8-13 09:33:00 PM

TC4 Titanium alloy an alloy of the element titanium, which constitutes a titanium alloy rod. It is a + type thermal strength titanium alloy of Ti-Al-Sn-ZrMo-W-SI alloy series with excellent comprehensive functions. It has both the high strength thermal properties of TA2 alloy and the thermal stability of TA1 alloy, and is suitable for working at 500 ~ 550℃.

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Oxidation resistance of tantalum and molybdenum

Firmetal, 2020-8-12 09:36:00 PM

Is the minimum 5*10-2 vacuum required for a Ta heating element vacuum heat treatment furnace at high temperature or must be achieved before heating? As a result of the volatilization of the binder due to specific samples, the vacuum degree of the furnace at about 500℃ will be greatly reduced. Is this a big influence?

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Pore biological titanium alloy implant material

Firmetal, 2020-8-11 09:33:00 PM

The technology of orthopaedic implants is constantly evolving to improve the interaction with surrounding bone tissue in order to ensure better implant outcomes for patients. The successful biological response between the implant and surrounding bone depends on a combination of mechanical, physical, and topological properties. Therefore, Ti6Al4V microporous structure becomes the most effective solution to solve and improve traditional orthopedic implants.

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Production method of tantalum heater

Firmetal, 2020-8-10 09:42:00 PM

To solve the technical problem is aimed at the deficiency of the existing technology, provide a tantalum heater, make it in the place where contact with strong acid with high thermal conductivity, and thinner tantalum material, and in the heat the gas side USES the low cost of materials, and the heater in the heating process is fully enclosed, can continuous heating, its simple structure, reasonable design, effectively improve the utilization rate of energy consumption, not only significantly reduces the manufacturing cost, and ensure the corrosion resistant performance and reliability of the heater, has the strong promotion of use value.

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Rhenium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-8-7 09:39:00 PM

W-Re alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and rhenium. One type is low rhenium alloy, which contains less than 5% rhenium. The other is the perrhenium alloy, which contains 20% ~ 30% rhenium. Rhenium is also a rare metal, less resources, the price is more expensive, if not necessary, should try to use no or less rhenium tungsten alloy.

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Research and development of NbTi alloy composite superconductor

Firmetal, 2020-8-5 09:45:00 PM

Superconducting materials must be wrapped or buried in ordinary good conductors to provide a low impedance paribus at certain line segments that suddenly turn into normal. In addition, cladding is important in preventing magnetic field lines from jumping forward. In other words, appropriate basic materials must be used in order to reduce loss and improve stability.

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Special properties of Nitinol alloys

Firmetal, 2020-8-4 09:35:00 PM

Nickel-titanium alloy is a binary alloy composed of nickel and titanium. In addition to its unique shape memory function, it also has a series of excellent properties and is a very excellent functional material.

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Take a comprehensive look at medical titanium alloys

Firmetal, 2020-8-3 09:39:00 PM

Biomedical materials refer to materials that interact with biological systems to diagnose, treat, repair, or replace tissues, organs in the body or to enhance their functions. It can be divided into medical metal materials, medical polymer materials, medical ceramic materials, etc., among which medical metal materials occupy a large proportion, especially orthopedic products, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular products.

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Preparation method and process of Tantalum-Tungsten alloy blank

Firmetal, 2020-7-31 09:43:00 PM

Tantalum tungsten alloy is a kind of alloy with tantalum as the matrix and some tungsten elements added. Although both tantalum and tungsten can infinite solid solution, but when the tungsten content in more than 12-14 at % at % alloy plastic will be significantly reduced, when tungsten content is low, tantalum tungsten alloy as the pure tantalum low-temperature plastic, and has high strength, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistant ability, so the lower content of tungsten tantalum tungsten alloy is widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, nuclear industry and other fields.

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Tantalum crucible manufacturing

Firmetal, 2020-7-30 09:40:00 PM

Tantalum can resist erosion of biological fluids without # organization, so is widely used to make system operation and almost is refers to the metal implants binder cobalt (Co), but for just the right amount of special purpose, nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), or other metal and alloy can also with the aid of subjects is the most acid metal tantalum (Ta) material, 73 m: n (t), is one kind of rare metal, in the earth's crust content is 0.0002%, also can do the tube electric, rectifier, electrolysis, capacitance.

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Rhenium piece

Firmetal, 2020-7-28 09:28:00 PM

1. Powder making and reduction: Firstly, the highly pure ammonium rhenate crystal particles were pretreated and crushed to -100~300 mesh; Then low temperature reduction was carried out in hydrogen, the reduction temperature was controlled at 230-350 ℃, and the reduced products were reprocessed, and then ground and broken through -100~150 mesh sieve.

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Purification of niobium

Firmetal, 2020-7-27 09:33:00 PM

The purpose is to study a new process method suitable for the production of low tantalum and low miscellaneous niobium, which is not only simple in process, easy to operate, reduce material consumption, but also can control the cost increase to the minimum, and has obvious advantages in quality compared with similar products.

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Large diameter tantalum tube target

Firmetal, 2020-7-24 09:53:00 PM

Tantalum has a series of excellent properties, such as high melting point, low steam pressure, good cold working performance, high chemical stability and strong corrosion resistance. It is used in the production of various alloys with high melting point, strength and ductility, as well as hard alloys used in the manufacture of metalworking equipment.

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Titanium alloy wire mesh

Firmetal, 2020-7-23 09:32:00 PM

Titanium alloy wire mesh according to the use: pure titanium wire can be divided into titanium welding wire, industrial pure titanium wire, hanging with pure titanium wire, medical pure titanium wire. (1) Titanium welding wire is a special welding wire used in welding reactor titanium, storage of acidic or alkaline materials titanium tank, titanium equipment.

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Application and technology of platinum group minerals

Firmetal, 2020-7-22 09:48:00 PM

Platinum group metals are mainly used as jewelry in the early stage, but have been widely used in petroleum, automobile, electronics, chemical industry, atomic energy and environmental protection since the 1950s.

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Vanadium alloy

Firmetal, 2020-7-21 09:32:00 PM

The alloy based on vanadium and other elements is a promising refractory metal material, which has been used as structural material in convertor reactors.

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