Mo-Re and W-Re alloy

  • Molybdenum rhenium and tungsten rhenium alloy
  • Mo Re and W Re alloy

Product Details

W-Re alloy is an alloy of tungsten and rhenium. One type of the alloy is low rhenium alloy with rhenium under 5%, the other is high rhenium alloy with rhenium of 20% ~ 30%. Rhenium is a rare metal, scarce and expensive.

Molybdenum alloy can be added 2% ~ 5% rhenium which can improve the plasticity and strength of molybdenum. While 35% rhenium was added at room temperature, the deformation rate may reach 90%. The tensile strength, ductility and resistivity of molybdenum alloy will be improved with the increasing content of rhenium. Mo-5%Re and Mo-41%Re are usually used as thermocouple wires and structural materials in aerospace. Mo-50%Re can be used as high temperature structural materials.


The addition of rhenium in tungsten and molybdenum makes the alloys process the properties of good plasticity, high hardness, high strength and high temperature resistance and so on. They can be processed into a variety of structural material. Molybdenum rhenium alloy is often used in the manufacture of high speed rotating X-ray tubes, long life grid of microwave communications, space reactor core heating tubes, high temperature furnace heating bodies and high temperature thermocouples. Tungsten-Rhenium (WRe) has been widely applied in high temperature technology, electric vacuum industry, light bulbs, atomic energy industry, analysis technology, medical and chemical industry and other fields. They are often applied in the manufacture of special valve and color picture tube filaments, high temperature parts, thermocouples, etc. We produce tungsten rhenium wires, rhenium molybdenum wires, tungsten rhenium bars/rods and molybdenum rhenium alloys.

Rhenium and tungsten, molybdenum or platinum alloy metals and their coating materials are widely used in electronics and aerospace industry due to their high melting point, high resistance, strong magnetism and good stability. Such as special incandescent light bulb shells of filament, artificial satellites and rockets, atomic reactor protection boards, evaporation metals as ultra high temperature heaters, high temperature coating on rockets and missiles, spacecraft instruments and other high temperature parts. We produce rhenium (Re) sputtering targets for coating.

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