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Product Details

Rhenium can increase the creep strength of nickel-high-temperature alloys which can be used in the combustion chamber of jet engines, turbine blades and exhaust nozzles. Nickel rhenium alloys are the core materials of modern jet engine blades, turbine disks and other important structural parts. The addition of rhenium improves the properties of nickel-base high-temperature alloy. It can be used to make alloy for single crystal blades. Both of these effects can make turbines, especially high-pressure turbines, work at higher temperatures. In this way, the designer can increase the pressure of the turbine and improve the operation efficiency. Or the engine can speed up the burning of fuel, which in turn produces more thrust. In addition, the operating temperature can be maintained low and the difference between the actual operating temperature and the maximum allowable temperature of the turbine can be extended. So extended the service life.

Our technology is mature enough to produce nickel rhenium alloys' products.

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