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Commercial rhenium is usually in the form of rhenium powder. It can be compressed or sintered into high density solid in vacuum or hydrogen, its density is 90% more than that of the metal state. The rhenium metal is malleable when annealed and it can be bent and rolled up. Rhenium and molybdenum alloys are superconductors at 10K, and the superconducting temperature of tungsten and rhenium alloys is between 4 and 8 K. The rhenium metal becomes a superconductor at 1.697 + 0.006 K. Rhenium metal blocks are resist to alkali, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid. They can dilute nitric acid (non-concentrated nitric acid) and aqua regia under standard temperature and pressure. Our regular products are rhenium pellets, rhenium sheets, rhenium plates, rhenium foils, rhenium tubes, rhenium ribbons, rhenium rods and so on.

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