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Gold Nickel alloy

  • Gold nickel alloy bar is a binary alloy which is adding nickel to gold, for continuous solid solution at above 850 ℃, at low temperature decomposition to two phase of rich gold and rich nickel.There are AuNi5, AuNi9, AuNi10, AuNi17.5 and AuNi18 alloys.They are made by vacuum induction furnace smelting, alloy solidification after water quenching.Alloy with less than 10%M can be used for cold machining;After softening treatment, the alloys with more than 18%M are processed for cold and hot machining.Gold nickel alloy is widely used as light and medium load electric contact material;AuNi18, AuNi45, etc. are used as electric vacuum solder, and brazed aero-engine blades.

  • The gold nickel complex alloy is composed of chromium, iron, yttrium, gadolinium and zirconium and gold nickel base .They have the characteristics of low resistance temperature coefficient, wear resistance and long life.They are suitable for winding and brush materials with low and medium resistivity.For example, adding a small amount of rare earth element gadolinium and yttrium on the basis of AuNi9 it can compose AuNiGd9-0.5, Au-NiY9-0.5 alloy.Adding chromium can form AuNiCr5-1, AuNiCr5-2 alloy, and they are both alloys with large use quantity.

The Hardness of Au-Ni Alloys
1 — Quenching State Alloys; 2 — Aging State Alloys

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