Sputtering tantalum ring inner and outer surfaces

Firmetal, 2020-10-30 09:42:00 PM

The invention relates to a continuous mechanical knurling process for the inner and outer surfaces of sputtering tantalum rings, the process of which is as follows: firstly, tantalum strips are prepared, the connecting gap is cut, the pickling is done, the connecting gap is rolled, the connecting gap is joined, the shaping is done, the inner and outer surfaces are knurled, the side arc is turned, the side knurling is done and the connecting gap is removed. The invention can realize the formation of a uniform 80TPI convex argyle pattern on the inside and outside surface and side of the tantalum ring with open sputtering, so as to meet the requirements of semiconductor users.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is one of the most critical processes in the production of semiconductor chips. Its purpose is to deposit gold or metal compounds in the form of thin films onto silicon wafers or other substrates, and then to form the complex wiring structure in semiconductor chips through the combination of lithography and corrosion. The physical vapor deposition is accomplished by sputtering machine, and the sputtering tantalum ring is a very important key consumable material used in the above process.

The main functions of sputtering tantalum rings in semiconductor process are as follows: first, the sputtering particles can be constrained to focus; Second: adsorb the large particles produced in the sputtering process to play a purification role.

Due to the special use environment of sputtered tantalum rings, the surface knurling requirements are extremely strict. Specifically, the surface knurling is a convex diamond shaped by 8 OTPI, with 8 O lines of patterns within an inch, uniform knurling and no apparent flat points on the surface. However, in the actual production, there are the following difficulties: first, the ring is an open ring, and the surface knurling not only requires the same grain, but also requires the same depth; second, the side of the ring is a circular arc; third, the surface of the ring is a circular arc. Third: the arc requirement knurled and surface knurled consistent.

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