Properties of titanium and titanium alloys

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Pure titanium is a silver-white metal that has many excellent functions. At 4.54g/cm3, titanium is 43 per cent lighter than steel and a bit heavier than the prestigious light metal magnesium. Its mechanical strength is similar to that of steel, twice as strong as aluminum and five times as strong as magnesium. Titanium is high temperature resistant, with a melting point of 1942K, nearly 1000K higher than gold and 500K higher than steel. Titanium belongs to the more chemically active metal. Heating with O2, N2, H2, S and halogen and other nonmetallic effects. But at room temperature, titanium surface is easy to produce a very thin thin oxide protective film, can resist strong acid or even the effect, showing strong corrosion resistance. As a result, common metals become riddled with acid, alkali, and salt solutions while titanium remains intact. Titanium in liquid form is such a dissolvable metal that it can be alloyed with many metals. Titanium steel made from titanium alloy steel is tough and elastic. Titanium and metals Al, Sb, Be, Cr, Fe, etc. form interstitial compounds or intermetallic compounds. Planes made of titanium carry more than 100 more passengers than planes made of the same weight of other metals. Made of submarine, not only can resist the corrosion of sea water, but also can resist the deep pressure, its diving depth than stainless steel submarine added 80%. Together, titanium is not magnetic, will not be found, has a good anti-monitoring effect. Vanadium is biophilic. In the human body, can resist the secretion of corrosion and non-toxic, to any sterilization methods are used to. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of medical instruments, artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, flank joint, cranium, automatic heart valve and bone fixation clip. When a new ring of muscle fibers wraps around these titanium bones, the titanium bones begin to hold the body in place. Titanium is widely distributed in humans, with levels not exceeding 15mg per 70kg of body weight in normal humans, and its effect is unclear. But titanium has been shown to affect phagocytes, boosting immunity.

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