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Titanium main products
Titanium foil
Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 foil Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 sheet
Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 rod Ti-0.2Pd Gr7 Gr11 sheet Ti Gr1 sheet
Ti-Mo-Ni Gr12 tube Ti welding wire Ti Gr1 tube

Titanium by shape
Titanium sheet
Titanium plate Titanium wire
Titanium rod bar Titanium foil strip Titanium tube
Titanium sputtering targets   Titanium parts
Titanium by chemical ingredients
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Grade 5 Grade 23    
Grade 7 Grade 9 Grade 12  
Ti 5-2.5 ELI Ti 6-4 ELI Ti 8-1-1 Ti 6-6-2
Ti 6-2-4-2 Ti 6-2-4-6 Ti 7-4 Ti 8-8-2-3
Ti 15-3-3-3 Ti 13-11-3 Ti 10-2-3  
Titanium Overview

Titanium is employed in metal as an alloying component (Ferro-titanium) to decrease grain size and in stainless metal to decrease C content, and being a deoxidizer. Titanium is normally alloyed with Al (to refine grain size), V, Cu (to harden), Fe, Mo and with other metals. Uses for titanium mill items (titanium foil, titanium tube, titanium bar rod, titanium sheet, titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium wire, titanium forgings, and titanium parts) may be discovered in industrial, recreational, emerging markets and aerospace.


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