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Available Tantalum Wire

Tantalum Wire (Hot rolled, cold drawn, annealed)
Diameter: minimum 0.1 mm
Standard: ASTM B365

Tantalum wire is commonly used as the lead wires on tantalum capacitors. Tantalum wire was the first material used for filaments in light bulbs. It is also used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of rectifiers and capacitors. Other applications include medical devices, chemical processing, and lighting applications. Because Firmetal can supply tantalum wire with a premium surface finish, it has superior performance in such applications.

Firmetal is also the sole supplier of powder metallurgical grade Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten (Ta7.5W) and Tantalum 10% Tungsten (Ta10W) wires. These products are ideal for use as springs in highly corrosive environments, and as an oxygen getter in lighting applications.

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