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Tantalum main products
Ta sheet
Ta foil Ta rod
Ta10W 5255 wire Ta2.5W 5252 wire Ta tube
Ta2.5W 5252 sheet Ta target Ta wire

Tantalum by shape
Tantalum sheet
Tantalum plate   Tantalum wire
Tantalum rod bar Tantalum foil   Tantalum tube
Tantalum capillary tube Tantalum sputtering targets Tantalum ingot
Tantalum by chemical ingredients
Unalloyed tantalum R05200  
UNS Grade R05252—Tantalum + 2.5 % tungsten ( Ta2.5W)
UNS Grade R05255—Tantalum + 10 % tungsten ( Ta10W)
UNS Grade R05240—Tantalum + 40% Niobium (Ta40Nb)
Unalloyed Tantalum R05400
Tantalum Application

Because tantalum and its alloys have a high melting point, corrosion resistance, good cold processing characteristic as well as its other excellent features, which makes it is widely used more and more in chemical, areospace, electron and other industries, also in medical treatment.

Tantalum Used in Chemical Industry
Tantalum is an excellent corrosion resistance material. Its corrosion resistance is better than Zirconium and can be compared with glass. Except fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, acidic solution containing fluoride ion, nordhausen acid and strong alkalis, tantalum can't rot in most media. Tantalum and its alloys like Ta-2.5W,Ta-7.5W,Ta-10W,Ta-40Nb and so on. It can bear high-temperature and mineral acids' erosion better than many materials.

Tantalum Used In Aerospace Industry
Tantalum especially tantalum alloys like tantalum tungsten alloy, tantalum and tungsten zirconium alloy, tantalum hafnium alloy and other bar materials can be used for making high-temperature resistance materials and controlling, conditioning parts in supersonic aircraft, rocket, missile. Tantalum tungsten alloy's Ta-10W can be used under 2500℃.

Tantalum Used In High Temperature Heat Treatment Technology
Tantalum and its alloys can make supporting attachments, heaters, heat shields and so on. It is stable than tungsten and molybdenum and easy to be formed in a vacuum furnace of high temperature. Therefore, tantalum and its alloys are the main materials used under 1600℃ in a vacuum furnace.

Tantalum Used In Other Ways
In addition that tantalum has advantages of powerful intensity, stability and good formability; it also has stability and healing abilities with human tissues. It won't cause any reaction to human tissues and can be applied to setting bones, screws, nails, sewing needles, surgical materials, dental equipment and so on.


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