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Full titanium alloy shell, water droplet design underwater speed 40 knots, diving depth 700 meters!

The "alpha" category is also referred to as class A, the former Soviet naval code name "lyre" and the design number is 705, which is the third-generation attack nuclear submarine designed by the "malachite" design bureau. On June 20, 1968, the first boat was built, and by September 1981, two batches were built.

Main parameters: 81.5 meters long, 9.5 meters wide and 7.5 meters. Displacement: 2,700 tons of water, 3,600 tons of water; Speed: underwater 40 knots (fastest 42 knots), water 20 knots; Establishment: 40 persons; Depth: 700 meters.

Alpha is a double-shell structure. The shape is designed with a water-drop streamline, and alpha's command containment is also a small group of submarines in the Russian submarine using a streamlined shape. Made of titanium alloy, the shell is one of only two military submarines that are manufactured and served in titanium alloys.

It is worth mentioning that the titanium alloy has the advantages of non-magnetic properties, thus reducing the magnetic physics field effect of the submarine and making it more difficult to be detected by the magnetic detector of anti-submarine aircraft. And titanium is more resistant to seawater than other materials. But titanium is undeniably expensive.

Because the strength of titanium alloy is much larger than that of ordinary craft, the pressure of the titanium alloy shell is greater and the depth of submergence increases (700 meters). Secondly, the density of titanium alloy is smaller than that of the demagnetization steel, which also reduces the displacement of the submarine.

Although "alpha" class with double shell structure, but it is the least displacement of the Soviet union built nuclear-powered attack submarine, its will be divided into the torpedo tank, mechanical and electrical module, central command and control tank, reactor tank, the main engine room and stern cabin, a total of 6 cabin, crew was only about 45 people, endurance on 60 day and night.

Power is composed of 30 mw steam turbine and two 100 kw liquid metal lead bismuth alloy reactor driven uniaxial one five propellers and two auxiliary propeller, another 500 - kilowatt diesel generator lead and zinc battery as backup power.

Weapon configuration: 6 533mm torpedo tubes, with 20 or so different loads of the 53 dual-purpose torpedo; For submarine-missile: ss-n-15, launch from 533mm torpedo tubes; The mine can carry 40 without a torpedo. Alpha level is positioned for a test platform of the nature of warships to test a variety of electronic equipment, a lot of alpha level after the battleship is equipped with the alpha level of advanced electronic equipment. Served as is classified as an experimental design, it has been in a "restrictions on the use of" during the warship, the uss surrendered ships service to ship to retire at the end of are rarely sent overseas missions.

The adoption of a large number of "alpha" class at that time also is not very mature technology, its performance is not very stable, "alpha" class most disease is in its low speed with the noise of the former Soviet union, other models, a nuclear-powered attack submarine cruise were similar, and radiation noise while sailing at full speed. According to the U.S. navy, the monitoring station in Bermuda is able to hear the propeller noise of the alpha class nuclear submarine located in the Norwegian sea. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but it also suggests that the "alpha" level of noise is quite large.
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