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Japanese universities use titanium to make battery material cost significantly reduced and energy density doubled

So far, in the development of high performance battery, usually adopt niobium oxide electrode, but due to the price of niobium is very high, so the electric car and it is hard to the application and popularization of smart grid.

The research team at Tokyo electric university in Japan used metal titanium to develop high-performance batteries, which cost only one-tenth as much as metal niobium. The team found that the energy density of the cheap titanium manganese material was above 1,000 milliwatts per gram, which is twice the amount used in the current lithium battery in electric vehicles. The university of Nagoya and liguan university are also participating in the joint study.

The results for the future further to find other more storage capacity of the battery electrode materials open a new path, made it possible for the development of large capacity lithium battery, is expected to promote the electric car extended range. The report is published in the British journal NATURE COMMUNICATION.
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