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A new type of additive manufacturing technology

Constituency Electron Beam Melting technology (SEBM, Selective Electron Beam Melting) is based on the 3 d printing metal parts material manufacturing technology, its working principle is as follows: will the design components of the three-dimensional graphics according to certain thickness slice stratification, get three dimensional parts all two-dimensional information; In vacuum box beam as the energy source, electron beam under the action of electromagnetic deflection coil controlled by computer, according to the parts of each layer section CAD data selectively to shop in advance to the worktable of the powder layer melt, scanning is not still dark SongSanZhuang molten powder, can be used as a support, After a layer of processing is completed, the table is lowered to a height of thickness, and then the next layer of powder and melting is carried out, and the new melting layer is fused to the previous layer. Repeat the process until the parts are finished and removed from the empty box, and the loose powder is blown out with high pressure air to get the 3d parts. This kind of electron beam as the energy source of powder bed material manufacturing technology, with high energy utilization rate, no reflection, high power density, scanning speed, vacuum environment pollution-free advantages, can realize direct clean fast active metal materials manufacturing.

At present, the SEBM forming material includes stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloys, intermetallic compound, high temperature nickel base alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and niobium alloy and other metal materials, among them, the titanium alloy research the most. After vacuum forming, SEBM technology for chemical properties and lively titanium alloy provides suitable processing conditions, and combined with the material characteristics of flexible manufacturing technology for processing, so it is capable of processing forming complex titanium alloy parts. Experiments show that complex with arbitrary curved surface and surface structure, or a variety of different section of the hole, blind hole, a variety of space to the internal pipeline and the structure of the complex cavity Ti 6 al 4 v parts, finish in one time and can pass SEBM technology and excellent mechanical properties. It is reported that the SEBM technology manufacturing rocket turbine compressor bearing body, size of Ф  75 mm to 267 mm, weight is 3.5 kg, build time was only about 30 hours. It is reported that the active cooling nozzle of the space engine is prepared by SEBM technology. The nozzle is not only a curved structure, but also has 70 holes with a diameter of 1mm. These are traditional manufacturing methods that cannot be achieved.
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