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Superconducting alloys
The high melting point metal ingots and the sponge active metal rod with low melting point are welded into the consumable electrode, which is molten in the vacuum furnace, and the molten casting is carried out vigorously.

Superconducting alloy made of refractory metal and sponge active metal

The characteristic is that the multi-component of the alloy can be melted, and the melt of each component is fully mixed in the strong agitation, avoiding the formation and existence of macroscopic nonmelt blocks, and its technological technology is simple.

Superconducting alloy casting methods, including the high melting point metal ingot with electron beam method, low melting point for the purification of active metal sponge pressed into a bar, both under inert gas protection welding into consumable electrode; The characteristics: the consumable electrode in vacuum self-consuming furnace to melt a high-power, melting power of 250 kw to 460 kw, the melt drip into the deep in every jet of molten pool and vigorous stirring melt, fused into a superconducting alloy ingot; At least one large power melting process is performed on an alloy ingot.
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