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The first 3D printed titanium alloy part was installed on the airbus A350
The application of 3D printing or additive manufacturing in aviation industry has been developing continuously. The 3d-printed titanium alloy hanger used by the airbus A350 is used to attach the paint engine to the wings, showing that it has a high intensity.

Starting in December 2016, airbus introduced EBAM electron beam melting technology to make large integrated parts on passenger planes. On the airbus A380 superjumbo, airbus and the Swiss industrial chemical company Liebherr and the zimnitz university of technology teamed up to print spoiler control valves in the wings.

It is well known that the airbus A350 wide-body airliner is a medium-sized wide-body airliner designed for the Boeing 777 and the 787. The GE9X aero engine is designed for the upcoming version of the Boeing 777x, which USES a lot of EOS3D printing components. Airbus, by contrast, used the Stratasys3D digital material ULTEM as a standard for general use in the A350. On the way to 3D printing, both airbus and Boeing have clearly benefited.

In the near future, the fuselage metal parts, engine components, the cockpit instrumentation, more aircraft parts such as engine room panel is expected to adopt 3 d printing technology, not only conducive to the aircraft performance and would be more flexible in the maintenance and spare parts replacement.
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