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Models and specifications of the crucible, when the application is not affected by the scale of production, batch size and the limitation of smelting material varieties, can be arbitrary choice, strong applicability, and can ensure the purity of melting material.

1. Place dry place after use, avoid rain intrusion; Before using, bake until 500 degrees Celsius before using.

2. According to the capacity of the crucible, do not squeeze too tightly to avoid the thermal expansion of the metal.

3. When taking out the molten metal, it is better to ladle out the molten metal, and use the calipers as little as possible. If the tool such as caliper should be in accordance with the shape of the crucible, avoid the local stress and shorten the service life.

4. The service life of the crucible is related to the usage, so it is necessary to avoid the direct injection of the strong oxidizing flame into the crucible, and the oxidation of the crucible's raw material is short-lived.

The raw materials of the crucible can be summarized into three types. One is the crystalline natural graphite, the second is the plasticity of the refractory clay, the three is the calcined hard kaolinite skeleton clinker. Since 2008, high temperature resistant synthetic materials such as silicon carbide, alumina silicon carbide and silicon iron have been used to make the skeleton of the crucible. This kind of clinker has a significant effect on improving the quality of crucible products and enhancing crucible density and mechanical strength.
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