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Zirconium industrial chain
The zirconium products are rich in variety and form, and the initial mineral form is zirconia sand, which can be processed by caustic soda and water washing, which can produce primary products such as zirconium silicate and zirconium chloride. Further calcining, chlorination and reduction can also be made into zirconia and industrial grade sponge zirconia. If the level of purification and separation technology reaches a certain level, it can be made into a nuclear class sponge zirconium.

The applications of zirconium are widely used in the fields of ceramics and refractories, which are mainly used in zirconium silicate and zirconia. Only 3% to 4% of zirconium ore is processed into zirconium (or sponge zirconium), which is further processed into various zirconium materials. Because the metal zirconium has the characteristics of thermal neutron absorption cross section is small, makes the metal zirconium has excellent performance, nuclear grade zirconium is the application of this feature will be used as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines and civilian power reactor structural materials, such as uranium fuel element cladding. Nuclear zirconium is an important strategic metal of the country and is closely related to the development of nuclear industry.

As an active metal, zirconium can form oxide film at room temperature, which gives zirconium and its alloys excellent corrosion resistance. At the same time, zirconium has good mechanical and heat transfer properties, plus significant cost advantage, making it an excellent corrosion resistant structural material in petroleum and chemical industry.

Zirconium, which is used in the equipment, military industry and electronics industry of chemical acid and alkali resistance, is called industrial grade zirconium. The metal zirconium and its alloy products are at the top of the industrial chain in terms of the degree of processing difficulty, the level of technology and the content of science and technology.
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