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Why is shell medical operation preferred to use titanium alloy
Before titanium, it is usually used in stainless steel. But there is a drawback to using stainless steel, which is that it is very painful to take out the stainless steel after the bone is healed. Otherwise, stainless steel can cause harm to human body because of rust. Switching to a titanium "artificial bone" would make orthopedic technology completely different. Where the bone damage, using titanium plate with titanium screws, after several months, bones will grow back in titanium plate holes and screw, new muscle fibers are wrapped in titanium sheet, titanium skeleton like a real bones and flesh of support and reinforcement effect.

Orthopedic common patellar claw is made of titanium, low temperature condition in the refrigerator, it can turn into any shape, paw to break, when the operation in patients with fracture of patella, rises to body temperature to the temperature of the patella claws, it will hold patella, into a predetermined shape.

Thus, as a non-toxic "kiss" sex strong metal, titanium with a wider range of applications in the medical industry, its status will be rising in flow industry, constantly improve the quality of people's lives.
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