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Products - Niobium Tungsten Alloy (Cb-752)
Cb 752 alloy sheets   Niobium Tungsten Alloy    

Available Niobium Tungsten Alloy (Cb-752)
Niobium tungsten alloy Cb-752 has 10% of tungsten, 2.5% of zirconium. The balance is niobium. Tungsten can be used as an effective reinforced element for niobium. The more tungsten is added, the higher temperature is needed for brittle transition and grain size grows bigger obviously. Therefore, to obtain good niobium tungsten alloy, we should adequately control the content of tungsten. Furthermore, zirconium and hafnium can be added into it to refine its grain size and reduce brittle transition.

Niobium tungsten alloy is manufactured by powder metallurgy and smelting process. Heat treatment includes stress relieve annealing, recrystallization, solution and aging. It has high strength at high temperature and good plasticity at room temperature. So Cb-752 can be supplied on aerospace plane outer surface, nuclear reactor, jet engine, space generating system, conduit, boost-glide manned aircraft and etc.

Additionally, Niobium tungsten alloy will be oxidized destructively at high temperature. Coating is the best way to avoid it from oxidizing. It is a key research point.

0.326 lb/in3 or 9.03 gm/cm3

Melting Point:
2425 ±50ºC
4397 ±90ºF
Specific Heat:
0.0672 BTU/°F/lb

Cb-752 alloy composition
Composition (wt. %)  
Niobium Nb: Balance
Tungsten, W: 9-11
Zirconium, Zr: 2-3
Tantalum, Ta: 0.15Max.
Titanium, Ti: 0.01 Max.
Hafnium, Hf: 0.01 Max.
Oxygen, O: 0.02 Max.
Carbon, C: 0.015Max.
Nitrogen, N: 0.01Max.
Hydrogen, H: 0.001 Max.

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