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Because of its high strength to weight ratio, Titanium is used in a variety of applications, including products where weight is of importance such as aircraft, sporting equipment, etc.. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, Titanium is also used for chemical processing, desalination, power generation equipment, valve and pump parts, marine hardware, and prosthetic devices.
Out of Titanium different alloys are made: commercial pure alloys that vary between differences in purity and strenght; alpha alloys that are alloys that typically contain aluminum and tin, though they can also contain molybdenum, zirconium, nitrogen, vanadium, columbium, tantalum, and silicon. Alpha alloys do not generally respond to heat treatment, but they are weldable and are commonly used for cryogenic applications, airplane parts, and chemical processing equipment; alpha- beta alloys are alloys that can be strengthened by heat treatment and aging, and therefore can undergo manufacturing while the material is still ductile, then undergo heat treatment to strengthen the material, which is a big advantage.
The alloys are used in aircraft and aircraft turbine parts, chemical processing equipment, marine hardware, and prosthetic devices; and last but not least beta alloys have good hardenability, good cold formability when they are solution-treated, and high strength when they are aged. They are used for heavier duty purposes on aircraft.

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