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Research & Development

Research Activities

The Metal Research Laboratory is one of the largest of its kind in the global metal industry. As the research base of the Firmetal Group, which keeps on developing the world's most innovative technology, the laboratory promotes innovation in process technology and product development, thereby expanding the potential of metal. Its technology is also used in related areas such as chemical industry and environmental systems industry.

Forming and Application Technology

Forming Technology & Characteristic Evaluation
Through the development of sheet forming technology, tubular metals and final product characteristic evaluation, we can deliver the best solution for materials with optimum forming processes.

Corrosion Protection
Our research and development is focused on realizing a new environment-friendly corrosion protection material.

Joining & Strength
We strive to advance metal joining and fracture control technologies in order to assure safety, reliability, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Basic Technology

Analysis & Characterization
We have been developing analytical techniques for nano-sized structures and trace elements for advanced metal production processes and the development of advanced metal materials.

Process Technology

Mental making Process
In order to establish a new metal making process in harmony with environmental issues, R&D on the mass production of high-quality mental and highly efficient refining and casting technologies is in progress.

Rolling & Processing
metal is rolled, heated and cooled to provide required shapes and properties. Firmetal is developing a variety of innovative processes for rolling, continuous annealing, plating and coating.

Product Technology

Plates, Shapes & Rails
Our advanced alloy designing and microstructural control through thermo-mechanical controlled processing (TMCP) technologies creates metal plates, shapes and rails with superior properties and supports our modern lifestyle.

Bar & Wire metals
metal bar products are widely used in various industries including automobiles, machinery, architecture and large-scale construction. In vital automotive parts applications, improving the fatigue strength and other properties of metal, balanced with fabrication forming ability, is demanded, typically aiming at the creation of lighter vehicle parts to improve fuel economy. These high-performance parts are developed not only by using new metals but also through collaborative programs with customers, using our advanced technology to evaluate and analyze materials.

Tubular Products & Casting
By developing forming technologies and products using innovative ideas and the newest research equipment, we are always able to respond to customer demands in a timely manner.

Chemical Products
Specialty carbon products derived from coal tar and gases; by-products in metal works.
Resin composite material for automobile parts.
metal products endowed with various functions.

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